"I need to see my therapist..."
— Tad Spencer

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Tad Spencer is a member of the Preppies clique in Bully.

Tad Spencer
Tad spencer
Clique Preppies
Gender Male
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Brother
Rival Greasers
Peanut Romano
Zoe Taylor
Kissable No
Missions Tad's House
The Eggs
The Rumble
Voice Actor Baron Vaughn

Character Summary


Tad, walking around the school campus.

Tad is a short prep and has auburn hair that resembles a pompadour, and brown eyes. He wears the standard prep outfit, consisting of an Aquaberry vest and tan slacks. He also wears a gold watch. In the winter, he wears an Aquaberry sweater and black gloves. He speaks in a faux English accent, like most of the preps.

He is among the richer preps due to his father's shipping company, Spencer Shipping. He has a clear aspiration to be the head of the prep clique, which is greatly influenced by wanting to please his father out of a combination of fear and a desire to be appreciated. He goes as far as attempting to create trouble between Derby and Bif, and to dig up dirt on Derby.

Tad has a very difficult home life, as his father is abusive towards both Tad and his mother. He has a love-hate attitude towards his father—he wants to please him but also make him pay for the abuse. He is embarrassed by the fact that his father is a self-made man, and for this reason speaks with a faux accent. His brother is considered a stain on the family name, he has no chin and is enrolled in the Happy Volts Asylum.

Tad Spencer and Thad Carlson

Tad in the boys' dorm, walking beside Thad Carlson.

His father's abuse has taken a toll on Tad's self-esteem, and he considers himself too worthless to have a power position in the school. He is apparently in therapy.

In the Bully Facebook, he was named "Tad Smith Althorp Smith". On the Bully Soundboard, he was also named "Tad Smith".


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