During missions and others

  • Hey Jimmy. We got a little caper plan later. Care to join us?
  • You'll have to get a better shirt though. Go to Aquaberry's. We DO have some standards you know.
  • With good reasons, my friend. Meet me here when you're decent.
  • You know we can't associate with you until you wear some proper clothes, hm?
  • Would you please dress appropriately?
  • You'll need to get your own eggs.
  • Can't you afford your own eggs?
  • Inbred, am I?
  • Who threw that egg?
  • Dear God! It's all over the wall!
  • Oh no! Mother's favorite Mappelthorpe!
  • Oh! Yuck! It's all over the couch!
  • The vase! It broke! Do you have any idea how expensive that was?
  • Go out there and find the miscreant!
  • I don't care! Find him!
  • You. Get out there and find him.
  • Someone find him!
  • I know you're out there!
  • We'll find you yet!
  • You're not going to get away with this!
  • That's it! He hit the Kostabi! Everyone, get that damn vandal!
  • That's great, Pinky! I gotta pee!
  • I'll call you.
  • Oh! That's much better.
  • You creep! I'm not that sort!
  • Go home, Hopkins! Oh wait. You don't have one because your mommy hates you. I'll never give the password to the likes of you.
  • Why don't you make yourself useful and go get me a towel.
  • Do you like hanging out in the bathroom Hopkins?
  • Are you still here, Hopkins? I thought you were going to do something?
  • Is this supposed to be the fun way?
  • How dare you touch me, you filthy savage.
  • Th— the devil, you peasant!
  • Uh! No!
  • Uh! Alright! It's Connecticut.
  • You miserable brute! You'll pay!
  • Probably just Bryce and Chad horsing around again. You know how they like to wrestle.
  • Who let you in?
  • You don't belong here!
  • Get rid of the squatter!
  • Let us eject this miscreant!
  • Go Bif! I'm counting on you!
  • Bif! Bif! He's our man!
  • Don't bother getting up!
  • Look like I'm about to make fifty dollars!
  • I still think Hopkins will lose!
  • Fifty dollars says that Hopkins is going to bite it!
  • I'm going to kill you Hopkins.
  • Yaah! Let's do it!
  • Come on! Punch him!
  • That's gotta hurt!
  • Next round will be the end of it!
  • Who broke my gnome!?!
  • Scoundrel! Have at you!
  • I think some of your friends followed me. I wonder how they knew.
  • Oh Gord! You and your cheap thrills.
  • One day I'll do something like that too. It must be exciting.
  • Well. Good for a little fun but without the connections, you know it won't last.
  • You'll have to go to her trailer or whatever.
  • Who's that? Get him!
  • It would seem so!
  • That was fast!
  • Lola!
  • Damn noisy plebes!
  • Alright, baby! I'll show them what a difference class makes!
  • Lola! Hey, Lola! Wait for me!
  • I agree completely!

ALLY About to Leave

  • This is stupid. I got better things to do than hang with you
  • You'll have to get your other friends now Jimmy. I'm outta here!

ALLY Help Me

  • Hey! Give him a hand!
  • Look! He needs help!

Getting knocked off bike

  • Uh! Man!
  • Who caused that?

Comment on successful bike trick

  • I can do that! 
  • So what?

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • What a worthless kid!
  • What else would you expect from a loser like him?

Stealing a bike

  • You don't deserve that bike!
  • I should have that bike!

Has bike stolen from

  • No! It's mine! It's mine!
  • Come on! It's my bike!

Winning a fight

  • Yeah! Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy?
  • Now we're talking!

When into him bump when friendly

  • Be cool my man!
  • Whoa! Nellie! Hmmhmmha!
  • Okay! Chill out now!

When into him bump when hostile

  • Can you be any more blind!?!
  • Hey, Ray Charles! Watch it!
  • How much of a spazz are you?
  • Spazz!
  • You need laser surgery, loser!
  • Hit the road, Jack!
  • Leave your glasses home again?

When into him bump other clique

  • (Dropout #1) Ohh! I gotta burn my clothes now!
  • (Dropout #2) You've contaminated my clothes, bum!
  • (Greaser) Hey! Keep the pomade off my shirt, mechanic-boy!
  • (Nerd) You want me to break you in half, wimp?

Getting hit with bike/car

  • Now I'm mad!
  • That's it! Someone's gonna get hurt!
  • Who did that? Who did that?

Saying Goodbye

  • Jim, I gotta go.
  • Later. I'm going to go try and hit the books.

Saying about carnival

  • I've had better rides!
  • Not a bad ride, but you need better sharks.

Calling friends for help

  • Hey, guys! Come here and take a look at this!
  • Guys! We've got a live one here!


  • Come to papa!
  • Hey! Let's talk this out, man to man!

When someone hides from him

  • Jimmy! I'm so not going there!
  • If you think I'm going there, you will need your head examined!

Out of breath

  • Gotta take more gym classes.

Wandering around

  • Now calm down, Dad. Calm down.
  • There's no reason to hit Mom, Dad.
  • I got Derby's number. They'll see.
  • I need to see my therapist.
  • I wish I could make my daddy proud.
  • One day I'll show daddy.


  • Oh boy! I am so pissed this time!
  • Can you believe this insanity?!

When confused

  • Okay. Yeah. What?


  • Nice one!
  • That was cool!


  • Whatever!
  • Yeah, anyway!
  • Like I care about that!
  • So?
  • Galloway can't even find his way home some nights! He's so plastered!
  • That nerd, Thad, hit Peanut on the head with a yardstick and nothing happened. Can you believe that?
  • That weasel Jimmy is more than he seems!
  • They'll have a hard time topping last year's carnival.
  • I know Jimmy is doing something for Edna!
  • I think Thad's lisp has gotten even worse this year.
  • I heard Gary's getting all "buddy-buddy" with the new kid.
  • You hear the junk Gary said about Jimmy?
  • Looks like the greasebags found some derelict dump to move into.
  • I'll bet it's some nerd in that mascot uniform. Maybe Melvin.
  • That game was messed with! You mark my words!
  • I wouldn't go near the industrial zone! There's something going down around there!
  • That figures!
  • That's no surprise is it?
  • I knew that!
  • No way!
  • Once I made my dad cake for his birthday, and he stabbed me with a pitchfork!
  • I only have to work in getting people to distrust one another even more!
  • If this year ends without me on top, my dad will string me up!
  • If only I wasn't so worthless, I would be on top. Not Derby.
  • Yeah. I hate that, too.
  • That sucks so hard!
  • Only a wuss like you would care about that!
  • How lame of you for caring!
  • You can't trust anybody, anymore.
  • What's a prep school coming to when alliances actually work?
  • This whole school is just like a giant version of my Dad!
  • I guess friendship means nothing around here!
  • Catch you later!
  • Later!
  • See you!
  • Wait until Gary hears what I'm going to tell him about Jimmy!
  • When I get through with him, you'll see that Peanut isn't hard to crack.
  • This is the year I'm going to take those Greaseballs out forever!
  • Derby might not be so happy with Bif after I have a chat with him.
  • That's so cool!
  • Excellent!
  • Yeah! Pretty decent!
  • Ever see Galloway on a bender?
  • Ever sneak into Crabblesnitch's office at night?
  • Are you one of those people who sneak into the kitchen and see what Edna's cooking?
  • Come on! Admit it! You've led panty raids in the past!
  • Yeah! It wasn't anything special!
  • Yep! Just another day in a life!
  • No! What kind of loser do you think I am?
  • No, but maybe this year!

Losing Dodgeball

  • Man, that guy is so dead!
  • Oh, I am going to be watching that dude!
  • Who cheated?
  • Which one of you dinks screwed up?
  • Someone is going to get their butt kicked; I'll tell you that.
  • When I find out who messed us up, I'll tear him a new one.


  • That is so beneath me!

Hit by friendly fire

  • Hey! We're friends!
  • Do you always hit your friends and family?
  • Come on! What am I? Your wife all of a sudden?


  • I learned this move from my dad!
  • You are so gonna get killed!
  • You want a burial or cremation?
  • You are a pathetic fighter!

Losing a fight

  • No Daddy. Stop. Stop
  • Why Daddy? Why?
  • I'm sorry, Daddy. I'm sorry.
  • Please, Daddy. Don't hit me anymore.
  • I'll do better next time, Dad. I promise.
  • Don't punish me, Daddy. Please.

Starting fight with some Cliques

  • (Dropout) You can't even get a job, can you?
  • (Jock) Not so tough when there's no ref, are you?
  • (Nerd) Why am I even wasting my energy on you wimps?

Starting fight

  • You are so dead!
  • I'm going to pound you like my dad pounds me!
  • My dad taught me the meaning of pain. Now I'll teach you!
  • You're going to the prep school in the sky!

Kicked in the groin

  • Ooh! Daddy! Ooh!

Taken down and spit on

  • Ooh! You are in so much trouble!

Watching a fight

  • Give it to him! Come on!
  • Kick him! In the Johnson!
  • Take him out!
  • I wanna see some blood!

Hit by some sneak attacks or projectile attack

  • That was a stupid thing to do!
  • Okay! Who's the brave boy?

When the fire alarm goes off

  • Oh! Darn!


  • Hold on! Are you threatening actual violence against me?
  • What? Wait a minute.
  • Hang on. What's going on?

Starting food fight

  • Soups on you, losers!

Watching a freak show

  • I wonder if these people get specially shaped coffins when they die!
  • They have very short lifespans, you know.

Receiving a gift

  • Jim! You shouldn't have!
  • That's awfully decent of you, Jim!

Demanding money

  • Come on, Jimmy! Your buddies told me you're loaded!
  • I know you got some greenbacks in there for me!
  • Don't make me shake all of that change out of your pockets, Jim!

After getting money from his victim

  • Now that wasn't so hard, was it?
  • Remember, Jim. Those are bottomless pockets.
  • I knew this would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Giving a gift

  • Hang on to this!


  • Hey!
  • What's up?
  • How's it going?

Greeting authority

  • Hello mam!
  • Hello sir!

Complimenting clothes

  • You're learning how to dress, Jim!
  • Hey Jim! Cool new haircut!
  • Hey Jim! Nice hat!
  • Hey Jim! Those pants are a chick magnet!
  • Hi Jim! You're going to need to those shoes to run from all the babes, I'll bet!
  • Jim! I think the babes are going to like that shirt!


  • Wow! You've got it going on I'll tell you that!


  • Let me see. Who am I taking down today?
  • Okay! Derby wants me to give who the run-around today?

Requesting an errand

  • Now you listen to what I need!
  • Okay! Here's what to do!
  • Jimmy! I could use a friend like you to help me out!
  • Jim! I need a man I can trust here!

Being indignant

  • Okay! What the hell was that?
  • Are you stupid or just crazy?
  • That was dumb! Real dumb!

Greetings while fearing

  • Erm, hello.

Some insults of enemies

  • Try suicide, loser!
  • Give it up!
  • Just kill yourself and do us all a favor!


  • That's beyond pathetic!
  • Hahahahaha! Hey! That's pretty funny!


  • I am ready to have that feather plucked!

Starting puke

  • Someone open their mouth!


  • is just belching*

Hit by thrown dead rat

  • Hey! I was wondering what happened to my lab rat!

When greeting someone in bad terms

  • Oh! It's you!
  • What do you want?
  • Hey dink!

When greeting someone in good terms

  • What's up, Jim?
  • Oh hey!
  • What's going on?
  • Do I know you?


  • Now come on. No need to get rough about this.
  • Hey! Do you want money! I have plenty!
  • What do you want? I can get it for you. I can get you anything!

Aiding a fight

  • Do I have to bail you out again?
  • Can't you ever fight your own battles?

Perceiving thing as cool

  • Awesome!
  • Wicked!

Perceiving thing as crap

  • Someone tell me why I had to see that!
  • Don't call us! We'll call you!

While seen vandalism

  • No Dad! Stop it! That's mine!
  • That's mine! It's mine!

Saying about fireworks

  • I gotta get some of those!
  • Now that's what I need!

Hit with a stink bomb

  • Uh! Little baby smell!
  • It's too much!

Clothes browsing

  • This is for losers, this is for bigger losers.
  • Who would spend money on this junk?

When suck up

  • Come on! I'll treat you like you're family!
  • Aha ha! For a minute, I thought you sounded like my dad. Aha ha.
  • Hey! I'm not your enemy! I'm your buddy!

Insulting the tag

  • That's really ghetto, Jim!

Conversing with prefect

  • I know who did it!
  • I don't mind telling you who the guilty party is.

Insulting #1

  • (Raising Middle Finger) Hey! Guess what this is!
  • (Raising Middle Finger) I've got some finger food for you!
  • (Raising Middle Finger) Your buddies told me to give you something!
  • (Raising Middle Finger) I got a message from all your so-called friends!
  • (Raising Middle Finger) You understand sign language?
  • (Raising Middle Finger) Here's a message from your deaf friends!
  • You want me to go over there? All your friends told me what a wimp you are!
  • I'm gonna pound you! Everyone knows you're the biggest wimp at Bullworth!
  • You think I can't cream you? Gary told me you can't fight!
  • I'm going to go over there and bust your loser butt!

Ignoring a fight

  • Oh! Sorry about that! I didn't know you were friends with Gary and the guys!
  • Hey! Forget it! We got some friends in common!
  • It's cool! We're on the same side!

Insulting #2 

  • (shoving) That's it, get mad! Get madder, kid!
  • (shoving) Go ahead, hit me back! Come on, wimp!
  • (shoving) You're gonna take it, Jim? Your friends say you will.
  • (shoving) I don't think you're going to hit me back, Jim! I really don't think you are!
  • (taunting the new kid) You better watch your back, new kid! That's all!
  • (Kicking out someone) You're not wanted around here! Get out!
  • (Insulting the clothes) Hey, it's the latest fashion statement on the Internet!
  • (Insulting the hair) You want me to find a lawyer to sue your barber?
  • (Insulting the pants) If you think any girls are getting close to those pants, think again.
  • (Insulting the footwear)You should wash your shoes with quicksand and do us all a favor.
  • (Insulting the tattoo) That tattoo is going to look real great when you're 50, you dink!
  • (When Jimmy get hit by an egg) You're always going to be covered in eggs in my book!
  • (Taunting Jimmy after he's expelled) I can't believe people were afraid of a dink like you!
  • (Another Insulting the clothes) You can wear the nicest clothes on earth, but you'll always be a total dink!


  • No Daddy! Please no!


  • From what your so-called friends tell me, I'm not worried about you!
  • You've got nothing for me to bother with!
  • You don't think I'm going to waste my time with a non-entity like you, do you?
  • Please! Even your friends think you're a wimp!
  • You think you got friends, Jimmy? Think again!
  • Don't give me that! I know what you do for Edna!
  • Careful, Jimmy! Things here aren't always what they seem!
  • Are you sure you got backup, Jimmy? Are you really sure?
  • Oh yeah, Jimmy! Get mad! Get real mad!
  • Not so cool now are you, Jimmy?

Getting bullied

  • What are you, my father?
  • You're starting to sound like....Daddy!
  • No! Wait! Daddy! No!

Saying this way

  • Jim! This way!
  • Follow me, Jim!

When thanking of Jimmy

  • That was nice work, Jimmy!

After swirlie

  • Look, Dad! I go potty! I go potty!
  • But I'm trained now! I don't need a diaper!
  • Take the diaper off my head, Daddy!

Getting swirlie

  • No! It smells!
  • Stop! Stop or I'll drown!
  • You'll kill me down there!

Winning in Dodgeball

  • You are going to be left in the dust as usual!
  • You're pretty dumb for trying this loser!
  • I knew you were a loser, but you're stupid too, huh?

Insulting in bicycle race

  • They've got nothing on us!
  • Don't worry about those sad-sacks!
  • What's your team called? The unvaluables?

Laughing at headdress

  • Nice hat! Getting ready for the 1980's, huh?

When thanking of someone

  • Hey! Thanks!

Winning an individual fight

  • Who's your daddy?
  • My pants don't smell! No way!
  • No flies on this guy!

Physically bullied

  • I'm sorry! I'll be good!
  • I'll never do it again, Dad!

Winning in Dodgeball with his team

  • Oh yeah! We're on top!
  • We win! As usual!
  • Party! Party!

Physically bullying someone

  • Ah! I've been wanting to do this to you for a while now!
  • See? I've got mine! Now you get yours!
  • What's the matter? Sorry, kid. Your father's not here right now!
  • You watch yourself! I've got a lot more of these for you!

Saying wrong way

  • Hey dummy! That's not the right direction!
  • Wrong way, compass-head!


  • I thought things would be better when I left home, but no!


  • Hey! Looky here!

When TV turned off

  • Oh man, you're so gonna get it!