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These are quotes stated by other students when they see Jimmy Hopkins or another student tag on the wall.


  • Davis: So immature! I would never do that crap!
  • Ethan: Hey! It's called paper, pal! Why don't you act like a real artist?
  • Russell: Urban art stupid!
  • Tom: Oh god, I hate that spray-paint. And you really suck at using it.
  • Trent: Wow, that sucks!
  • Troy: Get a life, loser!
  • Wade: Haha! You suck at tagging, man! That is so brutal!


  • Algie: You're so naughty!
  • Beatrice: What are you doing, young man? Vandalism is a serious crime!
  • Bucky: That's vandalism, Jimmy! Not very cool!
  • Cornelius: Oh you brute! Why must you commit such acts of vandalism?
  • Donald: Stop it, you vandal!
  • Fatty: Oooohh! You're gonna get in trouble!
  • Melvin: YOU call that art?!
  • Thad: Such ghetto behavior!

Non-Clique Students

  • Angie: You should be ashamed of yourself!
  • Christy: That's so not cool! I'm gonna tell everyone!
  • Constantinos: That's right. Why not destroy the school with your crap?
  • Eunice: That is so wrong! You know that, don't you?
  • Gloria: What a destructive creation! Hmph!
  • Gordon: You know, you could be spending your time doing something proactive instead of that garbage!
  • Ivan: Great. Make this place uglier.
  • Karen: My mom taught me not to write on walls!
  • Lance: You know, if you could do something more than a throw up, people might not find.
  • Melody: Could you stop defacing that wall, please?!
  • Pedro: Why are you doing that, sir?!
  • Ray: That is the lamest tag I've ever seen.
  • Sheldon: You know, you're not allowed to do that, right?!
  • Trevor: Go get a real hobby!


  • Bif: How about I tag you?
  • Bryce: Jimmy, Only blue-collar scum deface property!
  • Chad: Great! Bring us back to the stone age!
  • Gord: I suppose you think that's all rebellious and cool, Hopkins!
  • Justin (1st quote): You're devaluing property!
  • Justin (2nd quote): This is not the ghetto, OK?
  • Parker: That's illegal, you know!
  • Pinky: You're such a rebel, Jimmy!
  • Tad: That's really ghetto, Jim!


  • Hal: What are you doing, moron?
  • Lefty (1st quote): You call that quality?
  • Lefty (2nd quote): That just sucks!
  • Lefty (3rd quote): You need lessons!
  • Lola: Didn't your mom teach you not to write on walls?
  • Lucky: You little runt! That's not yours to ruin!
  • Norton: Give it up, Picasso!
  • Peanut (1st quote): Hey look! Another ghetto wannabe at Prep school!
  • Peanut (2nd quote): Wow! Risky business!
  • Ricky: You suck at that, Hopkins! At least make it look cool, or swear or something!
  • Vance: What is this? You some kind of gangsta?


  • Bo: That's just wrong! You ruined public property!
  • Damon: Why would you do that?
  • Dan: That's wrong, dude!
  • Juri: I always knew you were an artsy maggot, Hopkins!
  • Kirby: You're not in the ghetto anymore, Hopkins!
  • Luis: You think you're cool or something?
  • Mandy: Are you crying out for attention or something?


  • Clint (Henry): Oh! You're a regular Picasso!
  • Duncan: Hey, Rembrandt! Go do that crap somewhere else!
  • Gurney: Hey, paint boy! What are you doing?
  • Jerry: Ha! Graffiti is just a cry for help.
  • Leon (1st quote): That is so unoriginal.
  • Leon (2nd quote): Another senseless waste of paint.
  • Omar: I hope you're at least owning up by signing it, Jim!
  • Otto: Dumbass kid!


  • Edward (1st quote): Vandalism!
  • Edward (2nd quote): Hey! Picasso! Get over here!
  • Karl (1st quote): Hopkins! Stop that right now, you horrible little turd!
  • Karl (2nd quote): Hopkins, I swear! I'm going to beat you black and blue if you don't clean that up right now!
  • Max (1st quote): Vandalism is a grave offence!
  • Max (2nd quote): Another tagger caught red handed!
  • Max (3rd quote): First tagging, next, organized crime!
  • Max (4th quote): These walls are sacred, you toiled foam!
  • Seth (1st quote): Writing on the walls is against the rules!
  • Seth (2nd quote): I should beat you for defacing that wall!


  • Burton (1st quote): Stop that vandalism now!
  • Burton (2nd quote): Stop doing that this instant!
  • Carvin (1st quote): That is a misdemeanor, young man!
  • Carvin (2nd quote): In some countries, they chop your hand off!
  • Danvers (1st quote): Walls are not for writing on, young man!
  • Danvers (2nd quote): Stop this vandalism immediately!
  • Edna (1st quote): Oh, puh-lease!
  • Edna (2nd quote): It’s hard to understand what she’s saying. This is my best guess.
  • Edna (3rd quote): Ha! Like you can spell!
  • Galloway (1st quote): Why can’t you just write on paper?
  • Galloway (2nd quote): I suppose that you’re expressing yourself in writing, but I mean really.
  • Hattrick (1st quote): Stop that vandalism!
  • Hattrick (2nd quote): You're a vandal!
  • Luntz (1st quote): Uh. You know you’re not allowed to right on walls.
  • Luntz (2nd quote): Someone has to clean that, you know!
  • Luntz (3rd quote): Didn’t your mother teach you not to write on walls?

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