Not to be confused with Katie Constanza or Robin Sawyer, two OCs that look like the same celebrity as Talia.

Not to be confused with Mallorie Von Webber, Talia's older sister.

"I like acting, and I love re-enacting, but I hate that I'm attracting and I hate interacting"
— Talia 
Talia Von Webber
Talia Von Stahl- FINAL UPDATE.
Birthday October 21st, 1991
Aliases - Teenage Actress
- 99 Problems
Eye Color Davy Gray
Hair Color Raven Black, Naturally Strawberry Blonde
Height 5'5
Grade Sophomore
Clique Preps
Status Follower
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Family Franz Von Webber - Father
Ellen Jankowski - Mother
Mallorie Von Webber - Older Sister
Rachel Von Webber - Middle Sister
Hometown Munich, Germany
Nationality German
Rival Everyone who is popular
Affiliations Piper Harrington
Main Hangouts Old Bullworth Vale
Harrington House
Creator Westside JDM
Signature Talia Joele Von Webber
Talia Joelle Von Webber

Talia Von Webber is a Second-generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


She walks around school with a mean look on her face, She also has a mole underneath her right eye.

She wears the prep's unifom during fair weather, with white knee socks she also has a bow in her hair. During the winter, she adds a gray jacket, black tights, black gloves, and a scarf, with knit boots.

She is naturally strawberry blonde haired, and she has pale skin, but she dyed her hair raven black at the age of 13. She idolizes Dita Von Teese which explains why her hair is dyed black.

She has davy gray eyes.

She stands at an average five feet and five inches tall.


To add to the mean look on her face, she isn't a very friendly person, unless you have things in common with her. If she doesn't like you, she's going to resort to brutal sarcasm, or she'll take measures to make sure she doesn't cross paths with you at all, but if she shared a class with you, and you were partners, she would just try to set up some rules and boundaries. Sometimes, she'll just act like she's friends with you, and then she'll talk behind your back

She may seem like somebody who lacks courtesy, but she is a much more courteous person than most of the other girls in the school, and she has much more class than the other prep girls.

Most of the time when she speaks, her sentences have some sort of rhyme. She mainly rhymes in her sentences to practice her poetry skills.

She's a usually a quiet person, and she doesn't like to receive attention or affection. She doesn't like attention because most of the attention she's ever gotten back at home was negative, and she didn't even want the attention she got. She dislikes affection, because it just makes her uncomfortable, if somebody wants to give her a hug, she'll typically impose on it.

If you're good at poetry or acting or singing, you'll be sure to attract Talia's attention, and possibly be one of her friends, and she doesn't have very many friends around the academy.

Deep down, Talia is a misanthropist, and she rarely trusts anyone she talks to. Usually within first meeting somebody, she takes an immediate distrust in them, and also an immediate dislike for them, unless they share a common interest, or a common hatred in somebody.

In literature, English, and drama; she is a straight A+ student, but in a subject like Math, music, or art, the highest she'll get is a B. But in shop and gym, it's a total disaster for her, for she really could care less about physical education, and she really doesn't care about how to you're supposed to fix a car.

She is an intelligent girl. She always trusts her instincts and she knows when to trust somebody and when not to trust them. She is highly observant of people and when there is somebody that has her skeptical. She usually will observe them from a distance, before deciding whether to affiliate with them or not.

Sociability wise, she's anti-social and she hates a lot of people in the school, when lunch time comes around, she goes somewhere that nobody can get to her, such as the auditorium, or her dorm room. Usually when somebody wants to talk to her she would courtly dismiss them, because she doesn't want to deal with them and their problems on a personal level.

Character Backstory

Talia Von Webber was born to Franz Von Webber, and Ellen Jankowski on October 21st, 1991, in the early stages of her life, she lived a wealthy and noble lifestyle. She never really asked for much, and she was the dark girl who always gave off bad vibes.

At the age of five, Talia noticed something odd about her father. He was constantly leaving the house late at night, and when he would come back, he would either have a lot of money or would be broke and drunk out of his wits. Sometimes, when Ellen was away in Armenia for family reasons, various women would come to the Von Webber's mansion for undisclosed reasons. Talia caught on to something, and eventually snitched to Ellen, saying other women would come to the house while she wasn't home. Ellen confronted Franz, and almost filed a divorce case, this made her own father dislike his own daughter.

By the end of fifth grade, she had lost all her faith in humanity and became a misanthropist, She hated everybody and she was constantly getting lead on and eventually betrayed by the other kids in middle school. The teachers in school didn't like her, and when she had a problem, there was nothing she could do about it. Most of the time in class, Talia sat in the back of the classroom, alone so nobody could bother her.

As she reached age eleven in sixth grade, she discovered one of her key interests in life; that interest is poetry. She learned how to write poetry quickly and became fond of writing it. She wrote many poems in both German, and English. during vacations from school all she did was stay locked up in her room and write poems about her hatred of people and her nihilistic view of the world, while her sisters were on vacation in Italy getting a tan going, Talia's skin got paler, to the point of it being milky white. Her parents grew disgusted with her, and would frequently force her to go outside, this made Talia grow much more resentful of her parents twice as much as she was before.

At the age of thirteen, she uncovered an old adult magazine that had her soon to be idol on the cover of it. She wanted to copy her hairstyle and hair color. She asked her parents if she could get her hair dyed black, and they reluctantly let her get her hair dyed. Her parents didn't know her true intentions of why she was dying her hair jet black, and when Talia was done getting her hair dyed and styled like her new idol, her parents freaked, as Franz recognized Talia's new hairstyle from the adult magazine it was on. Franz was angry at Talia because she went through his belongings, while Ellen was angry at Franz for possessing adult magazines.

In July of 2005, Talia was betrothed to a boy she didn't love. It was the son of a fellow noble German family. There was nothing Talia liked about this boy; he was loud, extremely overweight, and he already wanted to make out with Talia once they met. Franz and Ellen were outraged, and officially had it with Talia, they decided she was their least favorite daughter. They were sick of the bad vibes she gave off, her idol, and just her generally dark personality. They wanted to get rid of her permanently, and their hearts were set on shipping her away to Bullworth Academy.

Talia eventually found out, and it was too late to change her attitude, and she was shipped off to Bullworth. She was then enrolled in Bullworth academy, and when she arrived, she was actually happy to be away from her parents, as she was given a fresh start in life.

Relationship with family

The relationship she has with her family is like North and South Korea. It's a tense and strained relationship, caused by the fact that she is her parent's least favorite of their three daughters

She doesn't get along with her older sister, because her sister bullies her, and both of her parents do nothing to stop Mallorie from bullying Talia. When her and Mallorie cross paths, they usually avoid eye contact or leave the area.

She isn't in good relations with her middle sister either. She is her parents favorite daughter, and even if Mallorie tried to get her in trouble, she never would be able to, when Talia is forced to go back to Germany with Mallorie, they both are typically referred by their middle sister as losers, despite Mallorie was sent to Bullworth by her parents to see if Talia changed at all.

She isn't on good terms with her father. He as a matter of fact sent her away to Bullworth academy, because of her poor attitude and disrespect towards his bidding, thinking she will be more mature and more co-operative, and much less pessimistic. It's proven to be the wrong choice, as she is doing worse in life than she was back in Germany.

She isn't on good terms with her mother either. She wanted Talia to be a lawyer or a Doctor, but she wasn't exactly in the same boat as her, Talia wanted to become an actress, Her mother eventually gave up on all hopes of her becoming what she calls "successful" and agreed with her husband on sending Talia over to Bullworth academy, they do not keep in contact with her, and she avoids contacting her parents, she also avoids crossing paths with Mallorie.

A drawing of Talia, made by Lilww3

Interests, hobbies, and talents

She's a talented actress. She typically runs cons to get people's attention, such as pretending to lose consciousness, or pretending to be suicidal. If she's around somebody she doesn't like, she's very capable of acting like she's their friend, when really, she cannot stand them.

She likes Poetry, but not bad poetry. She writes it whenever she sees something good enough to write about, being it a brutal day, a cute boy, or a class she hates, she can find rhymes and rhythm.

Lastly, she likes to sing. and she's good at it, but she rarely sings anything, due to her shyness. Her favorite song to sing is "Come back home" by "We are in the Crowd."

She brought an acoustic guitar to the academy that she got on her 13th birthday, with her parents expectation to take guitar lessons. Talia rebuffed guitar lessons, because they wanted her to learn how to play classic rock like the beatles, she likes to play modern rock on her guitar, when she feels like it.

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