Talia Von Webber is an original character created by Westside JDM.

If spoken with a light British accent, you've gotten it correct

Walking around

  • "This place sucks, but it's better than living in Germany"
  • "I like acting, and love re-enacting, but I hate attracting and Interacting."
  • "Everybody here is so ignorant and dishonest"
  • "Those San Lorenzoes are so overzealous and overprotective of each other"


  • "Everybody is so rude here."
  • "The food here is disgusting."
  • "There's nothing to do around here at all."
  • "Too bad there's a curfew, because I can't enjoy the night life around here."

Reacting to PDA

  • "Go and do that somewhere else, you buffoons!"
  • "Get the hell out of here!"
  • "Do you guys know what manners are?"

Watching a fight

  • "Beat that wimp to a pulp!"
  • "This puts the action in interaction!"
  • "My money's on the buff guy."
  • "Rip his head off!"

Knocked out

  • "Fuck you..."
  • "I hate you..."
  • "Damn you..."
  • "This is why I'm such a misanthrope..."
  • "You may have won this battle, but the war has just begun, buster..."

Hit by a bike

  • "I better not get anything on this dress!"
  • "Ow!"
  • "You ruined my skirt!"
  • "You need training wheels again."

Hit by a car

  • "I better not die!"
  • "I think I'm paralyzed!"
  • "My foot!"

Has rat thrown at her

  • *Screams* "A rat!"
  • "You're disgusting"
  • "You need help."

Flirted with

On good terms

  • *Giggles* "Let's not"
  • "Are you sure I'm your type?"
  • "If nobody sees us, it's a different story."

On bad terms

  • "That's not happening, I swear."
  • "You're not my type."
  • "Me kissing you? Keep on fantasizing."

Before kissing

  • "I really think this is a bad idea"
  • "You're really scaring me."
  • "I'm really not ready for this."
  • "I've never kissed before."

After kissing

  • "I'm not ever doing that again."
  • "I never want to kiss anyone ever again."
  • "That was gross!"
  • "Get away from me!"


On good terms

  • "Bonjour"
  • *Raises eyebrows* "Hi there."
  • *Smiles* "Hi"
  • "I think you seem like an interesting person."

On bad terms

  • "Halt De Klappe"
  • "Mund halten bitte"
  • "Go away."

Th@t kid

  • "You're new here huh?"
  • "And people thought I was weird?!"
  • "At least try to survive."

Jimmy gets expelled

  • "You think you're tough, mister?"
  • "You just don't take no for an answer, do you?"
  • "I'm not impressed with your bad boy attitude."
  • "didn't think you'd survive for long."

Blowing somebody off

  • "You're not worth my time."
  • "Go bother somebody else."
  • "Yeah, like I want to talk to you."

Bumped into

On good terms

  • "Pardon Moi"
  • "Just don't do it again."
  • "Je suis Desole"
  • "Don't bump me just to bump me."

On bad terms

  • "Really?"
  • "Where's my apology, huh?"
  • "Are you bumping into me just to bump into me?"

Fire Alarm pulled

  • "Those cursed things are so much louder here!"
  • "If only the school was actually on fire."

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