"Being an ex-cheerleader isn't really that bad. I'd rather have a nerd boyfriend, than an abusive jock boyfriend"
— Taylor
Taylor Silacci
Taylor Silacci
Birthday May 28th, 1988
Aliases - Tay
- Hippie
Eye Color Sky Blue
Hair Color Brilliant black
Height 5'10
Grade Senior
Clique None
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Family Albert Silacci - Father
Maya Robinson - Mother
Juliette Silacci - Younger Sister
McKayla Silacci - Youngest sister
Samantha Silacci - Younger sister
Ashley Robinson - Cousin
Hometown Cape May, New Jersey
Nationality Canadian
Affiliations Nerds
Creator Westside JDM
Signature Taylor Ellen Silacci
Taylor Francesca Silacci

Taylor Silacci is a third generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


She has brilliant black hair with sky blue eyes, and she's rediculously tall, standing at a whopping five feet and ten inches tall.

She wears a non-clique uniform, with white knee socks, and black Mary-Jane sandals. In the winter, she wears white tights, and white gloves.

In the winter, she wears the non-clique uniform, with a green track jacket, and black tights, with black gloves.

She usually has a headband in her hair; and occasionally wears aviators with it. When she has aviators on, she typically gets called a "Hippie"


She may seem like a bitch, but she's really all not that bad once you get to know her, but that's if you're on good terms with her. It takes some time to get to know her better

She has a tendency to assume people are bipolar, when they have sudden mood swings, when she herself is bipolar. She is also unaware that she has Bi-polar depression, and her parents are also unaware.

Academics wise, despite Taylor isn't very wise in common sense, she still somehow does well in all her classes. All she really does in life is procrastinate on projects and papers, but there's times when she gets her work done herself, but when she can't get it done, she will bribe the nerdy and unpopular students, like Thad or Donald to do her work for her, in exchange for a week's worth of favors, hang out with them, or she'll even make out with them. Since the nerds do her work for her, she treats them with respect. She's taken the time to get to know them better, and she occasionally will flirt with them or tease them, to see what they will say back, and they usually have no idea that she's flirting with them, and won't say anything back.

She has a much bigger personal space bubble than most of the other students. If anyone intrudes on it, she will typically get mad and likely say something rude to the said intruder, because she doesn't physically being close to people, so in class, she always sits in the back corner, that way nobody will intrude on her personal space bubble.

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

Despite being the second tallest girl in the school, she does gymnastics. She's a good gymnast for her size. She's done gymnastics for eight years, and is at level seven. Her favorite skill is the standing back tuck.

She does like to dance. Her selection of music is rather diverse, She dances to "Traphouse" music and clean versions of "Waka Flocka Flame." She does her own style of dancing, which she's incorporated into her cheer squad dance routine.

She adores watching soap opera TV shows, especially Degrassi, and Zoey 101. She wishes to someday be in a teenage soap opera, or create her own TV series about Bullworth Academy, she's not sure how she's going to get it published without any TV station rejecting her idea.

Lastly, She likes to sing. She sings along to "Hit the lights" and "We are in the crowd" Her favorite song of all time is "Chasing Shadows" by Angels and Airwaves.
Taylor Silacci - Wardrobe

Taylor's wardrobe

Relationship with family

She retains an okay relationship with her family, despite she secretly dislikes most of her family

She doesn't hate Sam, she just acts like a bitch to her because of Mandy's demands towards all the unpopular students, She as a matter of fact has a little bit of jealousy towards Sam, because she has real best friends, and she has potential in her future.

She does however dislike Juliette, due to her endless need to bully anybody who she deems inferior to her in attractiveness, and she bullies many unpopular girls.

She can't stand McKayla, because she's loud and lacks manners. She also likes to insult Taylor for no apparent reason, and it gets her going

She doesn't really talk to her mother at all, because she's too busy going on business trips, and too busy with other things.

She dislikes her dad, because he's a bully, and he's a dick to her boyfriend. He is popular, but it's the fact that he's her boyfriend that irks her dad..

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