Taylor Silacci is a character created by Westside JDM

If spoken with a Canadian and New Jersey accent, you're imitating Taylor.

Walking around

  • "I wonder why my sister hangs out with those wannabe soldier guys"
  • "Thad and Donald are actually kind of cute, too bad
  • "Cheer practice is so lame these days, there's always fights between everybody."
  • "I know that Mr. Burton was looking at my butt in gym today. I should've said something to him."
  • "I'm not a giant. I'm only 5'10."
  • "People are scared of me, just because I'm a cheerleader. I like to wear my uniform because I like how it matches my eyes."


  • "Did you hear that Hopkins guy took pictures of Mandy? Ted's gonna murder him!"
  • "Did you know Mr. Burton sends boys into the girls dorm to steal our underwear? What a total creep."
  • "Do you know who keeps penking my dad? It's funny, but it sucks when he comes home in a bad mood."
  • "I heard the Edgemons are gonna fight today, I know Julia's gonna destroy Machaley."
  • "Why are all the unpopular girls so scared of me? I've never done anything to them."
  • "Why do people call me a hippy? Just because I wear a headband in my it doesn't mean I'm a hippy."

Responding to conversation

  • "I didn't know that."
  • "I never thought you would say that."
  • "Tell me something I don't know."
  • "Oh yeah or what?"
  • "That's nice."

Watching a fight

  • "My money's on the hot guy."
  • "Come on, is that all you idiots do is fight?!"
  • "Cut it the hell out!"


On good terms

  • "Hello there, stranger!"
  • "What's up?"

On bad terms

  • "Okay, bye!"
  • "Shoo!"
  • "Get out of my sight!"

Don't hit

  • "I'm on YOUR side, don't hit me, you retard!."
  • "Bi-polar much?!"
  • "What is your problem?"

Butt pinched

  • "You creepy bastard!"
  • "Don't touch me there!"
  • "Dad's gonna love hearing this!"


On good terms

  • "W-What did I do?"
  • "I thought we were friends."
  • "Are you Bi-polar or something?"

On bad terms

  • *flips them off* "I don't normally do this; but you're an exception."
  • "What an idiot you are!"
  • "You're such a lifeless little brat!"

Flirted with

On good terms

  • "I already want to make out with you."
  • "Smooth as butter."
  • "I'm touched."
  • "I never thought you would say such a nice thing to me."
  • "That's so sweet of you to say."
  • "Screw it, let's just make out."

On bad terms

  • "Not today, not ever"
  • "You and me? Yeah right."
  • "As if, loser."
  • "Not even in your dreams."
  • "Keep on dreaming, kid."
  • "That's some bravery, asking me out."

Creeped out

  • "Oh my god, is this for real?!"
  • "You like my feet?! You're a creep."
  • "Get away from me you creepy psycho!"
  • "You creepy bastard!"
  • "Touch me and I'll tell my dad."
  • "Don't come anywhere near me!"

Polite Rejection (Says these to the nerds.)

  • "You're really sweet, but it's not meant to be."
  • "I just got out of a relationship, and I don't want another boyfriend right now."
  • "I don't think your friends would approve of me, and my friends wouldn't approve of you."
  • "Listen, I'm just as lonely as you are, but we're both meant to just be single."
  • "My dad would kill me if he found out."
  • "Why can't we just be friends?"

Before kissing

  • "This is gonna be good."
  • "It's just you and me, handsome."
  • "You're making me feel special."

Homework Deal

  • "You put up your end of the bargain, now I have to put my end up."
  • "Get ready for the time of your life."
  • "Have you ever even kissed a girl before? Just curious."

After Kissing

  • "That was amazing."
  • "I suddenly feel better."
  • "You really know what you're doing."

Homework Deal

  • "You're actually good at kissing for somebody who's not popular."
  • "I actually kind of like you now."
  • "This is a secret between us, do you understand me?"


  • "Hey, I need you to do something for me."
  • "Can you please help me out? I'm in desperate need of help."
  • "I need your help again."
  • "I need your help with something."
  • "I'm in need of your assistance."
  • "I'm begging for your help, please help me."
  • "I need your help one last time."

Giving errand

  • "That guy over there has been following me around all day, can you please have a tell him to leave me alone?"
  • "That guy is still following me around, and he followed me into the bathroom, go teach him a lesson!"
  • "I feel really scared, after that guy has followed me around all day. Can you please take me to my dorm?"
  • "My locker won't open, can you pick the lock for me?"
  • "My friends over there are fighting about something stupid and they won't stop; Can you please make sure they don't kill each other over whatever it is?"
  • "My cat's stuck in a tree, and dad won't call the fire department, can please you get him out of the tree?"
  • "One of my sisters stole my phone, can you please go get it back from them?"

Finishing errand

  • "I appreciate it, here's some money."
  • "I hope he won't bother me any more."
  • "You're an angel, I feel safe now."
  • "Thank you so much!"
  • "How did you get them to stop arguing?"
  • "Gratzi!"
  • "Your help is much appreciated!"

Hit by car/bike

  • "Watch it!"
  • "You just ruined my skirt!"
  • "My legs!"

Fire Alarm Pulled

  • "My ears!"
  • "Which immature retard did it this time?"
  • "Soon there's gonna be a real fire, and then we'll all die!"
  • "A house across town is probably burning down!"

Bumped into

On good terms

  • "Oops, my bad."
  • "Pardon me."
  • "Excuse me."
  • "I'm so sorry."

On bad terms

  • "ExCUSE me."
  • "Watch it!"
  • "Don't touch me!"
  • "Move it!"

Reacting to tagging

  • "You can't do that!"
  • "Didn't mommy teach you not to write on walls?"


  • "Get back here!"
  • "Come here, I have something to tell you!"

Out of breath

  • "They'"
  • "I...can'"
  • *Hyperventilating*

Hidden from

  • "There's gonna be rumors spreading like an epidemic later today."
  • "Oh, fuck it."
  • "You're better off just dropping out now!"


  • "This school fucking sucks!"
  • "First my younger sisters start doing stupid shit, and now my boyfriend just broke up with me over the phone, and now I'm single for real this time. Fuck my life and everyone in it!"
  • "I hate everything!"

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