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Asking for Help

  • I need max protection!
  • I need lead blockers!

Calling for Help

  • Blow him off the ball, bros!
  • It's game time, fellas, let's go!

Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • Excuse you, broham!
  • You lost, broseph?
  • You know me from somewhere?

Unfriendly Terms

  • Bro, stop roughing the passer!
  • I don't play bump-and-run!
  • Hey you're off sides, dude!
  • Illegal contact, jerkwad!
  • Don't bump me off my route!
  • That's totally encroachment!
  • Contact after the friggin' whistle!
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Bro, I'm late for practice. Bye.
  • I hear my playbook calling. Laters.
  • I got a team meeting. Gotta go.


  • Stop establishing the run, chicken!
  • I'm blitzing and you better scramble!

Escaped From

  • I'm gonna flush you from the pocket, Nancy-boy!
  • Don't take yourself outta the game, chicken!
  • Out of Breath
  • I (gasp) need to do more (gasp) wind sprints.


  • Can't wait till my nagging injuries heal.
  • Will I get a division 1-A scholarship?
  • Hope they don't make me play wide receiver in college.
  • I better win the conference championship this year.
  • I'm gonna tape some nerd's buns together. Heh, heh, heh...
  • Dude, as soon as I graduate, I'm gonna show Ms. Philips how I play college ball! Hahahaha!


  • Like, do they know who I am around here?
  • That's why I say Bullworth needs more leaders like me!


  • Time out, dude. That scheme is confusing.


  • Way to win the game, broham!
  • Everyone loves a winner, brother!



  • I can't believe it--I'm a loser!
  • Losing makes me sick to my stomach!
  • I lost?! That makes me such a loser!

Defeated Team

  • You guys didn't leave it all on the field!
  • The all-American QB was on his game, unlike some people!
  • I can't believe you all fumbled the game away!

Trash Talking Player

  • This ain't badminton, loser!
  • Well this is gonna be a blowout, broham!
  • HA! I'm a forty point favorite!

Trash Talking Opposite Team

  • We can spank you dudes in our sleep!
  • This is like, varsity versus JV!
  • Ha! I wouldn't fight at the practice squad!


  • That's why I'm a star, you bum!
  • And the all-American QB leaves the field with a WIN!
  • My will to win is AMAZING, ain't it?!

Team Victory

  • The all-American QB, leads his squad to victory again!
  • Now THAT'S four quarters of EFFORT!
  • Gotta take my hat off to you guys!

Don't Hit

  • Dude we're on the same team!
  • Bro, we're wearing the same jersey!
  • Dude, this is a team sport!
  • Bro, I'm not your opponent!
  • What happened to team unity?!


  • BAM! Write the numbers!
  • You're getting truffed(?), bro!
  • I'm penetrating your defense!
  • Oh dude, this is a total mismatch!
Fighting Townie/Dropout
  • Scoreboard says you're a zero!
Fighting Greaser
  • You're in the trenches now, greaseball!
Fighting Nerd
  • Put up your dukes, waterboy!
Fighting Prep
  • Get your jersey dirty, wuss!
Fighting other Jock
  • You're getting blown off the ball, bro!

Fight Instigated

  • Time to put some lumber down!
  • Time for some SMASH MOUTH!
  • You're getting jacked up, dude!
  • I'm gonna lay wood on ya!

Beaten/Knocked Out

  • Ooh, I think I got a concussion...
  • Call the trainer! I'm hurt!
  • I'm on injured reserve!
  • Man down! Call time out!
  • I'm a wounded duck!
  • I got jacked up, bad!

Hit in Nuts

  • Ugh! I ain't wearin' no cup! Ugh...

Spit On

  • Ugh, you just spit on an all-American!

Watching a Fight

  • Whoo! That's a big time hit!
  • Dominate this scrimmage!
  • Knock the snot out of him!

Surprised regarding Fight

  • Who hit my blindside?
  • Who's roughing the passing?

Fire Alarm

  • Hut, hut! Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go!

Given a Gift(?)

  • Don't fumble the handoff, dude!

Receiving Gift(?)

  • Dude you get the game ball for that one!


  • Your all-American QB thanks you!


  • Bro, how's it hanging?
  • What's shaking, dude?
  • Greetings, from the big Tedster.

High Respect

  • Hey rookie, what's up?
  • Hey, it's our next all-American!
  • If it isn't our future fullback!

Surprised to Receive Help

  • So let me drop the play!

Requesting Help

  • Dude, I need you on the team!


  • Dude! Stop roughing the passer!
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct!
  • You just hit the star quarterback!

Helping Friend/Cliquemate

  • Back off my teammate, jerkwad!
  • I got your back, broseph!


About to Leave

  • I'm taking a breather, dude. Later.
  • I'm pulling myself out of this game.


  • Screw yourself, noodle-arm!
  • Your mom's panties are up for grabs!
  • You play with a short field, moron!
  • Sniff my jockstrap, punk!
  • Oh your tight end gets a lot of balls!
  • I scored in your mom's RED ZONE!
  • Your mom catches my long bomb!


  • You'll never make the team, loser!
  • Some guys just ain't starter material!
  • Guess it's junior varsity for you, loser!


  • (While crying) Dude! My bright future is screwed!
Not Intimidated
  • Dude, you're not even a start.
  • I don't speak to benchwarmers!
  • I let my play do the talking.
  • Dude, there's no 'U' in team!


Short Laugh

  • Hahahaha, look at the waterboy!

Long Laugh

  • Hahahaha, that's one for the huddle!


  • I want him laid out on a stretcher!


  • (Retching sounds)

Hit by Rat

  • Ahh! Hey that ain't no pigskin, bro!


Seeing Something Cool

  • Awesome! What a halftime show!
  • Whoa! And the crowd goes nuts! (Imitates crowd cheering)

Seeing Something Lame

  • That's a few yard short of a first down!
  • Someone dropped the ball on that one!


  • Dude! They're wrecking the Bullworth tradition!
  • You can't do that to Bullworth's legacy!

Weapon Fired

  • Watch it bro! Long ball(?)!
  • They're throwing a strike, dude!

Hit by Stink Bomb

  • P.U.! Flag on the play!
  • Personal foul, B.O! Fifteen yards!
  • Tattling
  • All I know is, there's a foul on the play, sir!
  • I'm no snitch! I'm a football star! But something's gotta be done, sir!

Leading the Way

  • I'm quarterback in this one! Come on!
  • Let me lead block on this one.
  • I'm calling the plays this time.
  • Follow my audibles, coach!
  • Run your route this way, bro!

When Character does not Follow

  • You're running the wrong route, bro!
  • That's a bad call, coach, come on!
  • Don't run the clock out, coach!
  • Let's play to win, coach, come on!
  • Let's play not to lose, coach, come on!


  • Aw, this is gonna be a long game!

What is That?

  • Something's out of position here.

Mission Quotes

Chapter 4

  • 32, counter-trap(?)!
  • 34, pound(?), now!
  • Seacrest(?), 38, sweep!
  • 94, high-flight, trip(?)!
  • Wide-zoom, screen left, go, go, go! (?)
  • Set blue(?), 42, hut, hut, hike!
  • The spud gun's down, everybody charge!
  • Fall back, boys! We're going home!
  • You're not gonna like this!
  • Watch THIS!
  • This one's for YOU, Hopkins!
  • Cover your face!
  • Better run now, Hopkins!
  • This is gonna hurt!
  • I'm getting tired of this!
  • You're really pissing me off!
  • My ball in your face, Hopkins!
  • You better watch out, Jimmy!
  • He's got a ball, get him!
  • Opposition has possession!
  • Get him before he hits Damon!
  • Get Hopkins, NOW!
  • Tackle him!
  • Interference, NOW!
  • You're messing with the best, Jimmy!
  • Having a hard time, wimp?!
  • You lying down again, Jimmy?!
  • Jimmy you ain't NOTHIN'!
  • Ha, you got grass in your teeth again?
  • Having difficulty standing up, Jimmy boy?
  • Get over here, I need some blocking!
  • Substitute!
  • You! You're in!
  • Quick, replace him!

Chapter 6

  • Get lost, Jimmy! You ain't nothin'!
  • Alright, Jimmy.
  • You better let him in!

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