Thatcher Vandergeld III
Thatcher SC
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Clique Preps
Gender Male
Affiliations Addison Brooks
Kissable Yes
Creator SodaCat
Thatcher signature sc
Thatcher Reid Vandergeld III
"Oh Addie, honey, really?"
— Thatcher on Yadriel Cruz

Thatcher Vandergeld III is an original character created by SodaCat.

Character Description

Thatcher stands at a slim 6'1 and has dirty blonde hair and navy blue eyes. He wears an Aquaberry shirt and gray slacks, along with black loafers. On his left wrist, he wears a white gold watch.

In the winter, he wears a navy blue duffle coat over his clothes and exchanges the loafers for dark brown boots. He also wears a light and dark blue checkered scarf around his neck and black gloves.


Headstrong and confident, Thatcher is not a personality that goes unnoticed at Bullworth. He is generally sweet after getting to know someone, though can be a bit ignorant as he tends to look down upon those who are not preps. Though he feels no hatred towards them, he can't help but to think they're below him.

That said, on first impression he can be rather snooty towards anyone, regardless of their status. Upon first meeting Yadriel Cruz, he questions his best friend, Addison's, decisions as he feels she can do better.

Home Life

Thatcher comes from a line of CEOs and lawyers. His father, a lawyer, intends for Thatcher to also become a lawyer. Thatcher can't think of anything he'd want to do less.

The youngest of three, Thatcher's interests lie in interior design, fashion, and clubbing. The nightlife fascinates him, though he's only tried it a few times in his life. He would like to move to Liberty City and work in one of his three interests.

He was betrothed to his best friend, Addison Brooks, when he was fifteen years old. They were both amused to learn of this, seeing as Thatcher is homosexual.

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