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The College Days is a collection of short stories about Westside's characters going to college later in life, forty five of his many OCs will be featured in this story. These short stories will take place seven years after the 2006-2007 school year of Bullworth Academy. It will be written alongside Back in Dandong and Ginji's Return

The College Days


Westside JDM



Characters Featured

45 of Westside's OCs


To be Debuted


After Bullworth Academy, some of the graduates are still trying to survive on a budget and most characters are without their spouses, being lonely, some may find the right spouse, while some go through college without loving or affection. Some students of Bullworth got a football scholarship, others got in with perfect grades, and some may have even dropped out. Featuring 45 of Westside's finest characters.

Story Background

At the ages ranging from 18 to 21, fifty of Westside's finest characters' lives in college will be explained. Some OCs found a new spouse, while some lived a life studying, while some just partied.


Chapter OC
Black Haired Beauty Talia Von Webber
Black Haired Blue Eyed Girl Audrey San Lorenzo
The Russian Ginger Andrei Mishnev
The Depressed Brunette Jordan Balesterri
The Ladies' man. Ginji
Vocational School Craig Mendoza
Learning how to be an alternate model. Patricia Pagano
Longest hair in college. Samantha Silacci

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