"Yeah, well, nothing like having the whole school know your deepest secrets. Makes your teenage years go by in a flash."
— Jimmy Hopkins

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The Diary is a non-storyline mission in Chapter 1 of Bully.

The Diary
The diary
Jimmy, finding Beatrice crying by the Girls' Dorm.
Location: Outside the Girls' Dorm
Time(s) Available: 7 PM - 11 PM
Reward: $20.00
Beatrice's picture room trophy

Mission Summary

Jimmy is walking by the Girls' Dorm, when he sees Beatrice crying. He asks her what's wrong, and she tells him she is upset because of two things, the first being that her cold sores are acting up again, which Jimmy is disgusted to hear about. The second thing is that Mr. Hattrick saw her writing in her diary during class and he confiscated it, and planned to give it to the principal tomorrow. Jimmy is unsympathetic, and tells her that once the school knows her secrets her teenage years will go by in a flash.

Beatrice responds that he will know soon enough, confusing Jimmy. She tells him that she wrote a lot about 'you and me' (Beatrice & Jimmy), to which Jimmy replies that there is no 'you and me'. Beatrice argues that there is, explaining to Jimmy that first he rescued her lab notes from Mandy, and then they fell in love, and he brought her flowers and wrote her poetry, and overall showed a kinder, more sensitive side that will soon be revealed to the whole world, and that they are like doomed lovers.

Disgusted, Jimmy tells her to stop, and agrees to get her diary back. Excited, Beatrice tells him that then they can kiss, and that the cold sores are no longer contagious once they scab over.

Jimmy runs to the back of the school where he climbs up an arbor and sneaks in through a window accessible by the back second story balcony. First, he decides to check the Math classroom, but discovers it is locked. He then heads to the first floor to the teacher's lounge, and enters.

He finds Beatrice's diary in one of the drawers in the desk near the back of the room, and unsurprisingly, he opens and reads it.

Jimmy returns to Beatrice by the Girls' Dorm, and hastily hands it to her, telling her that he 'didn't read it... much'. Beatrice thanks him, and he accepts a kiss from her.

Diary Entry

Below is Beatrice's diary entry about Jimmy that he reads in the mission.

That new Jimmy boy is so bad. Bad teeth, bad hair, bad smell, bad attitude! And yet, there's something about him that is just so alluring. I told Bucky about how I felt and he didn't seem happy at all. That makes me a little sad because Bucky's been such a great friend, I'd hate to think that something or someone in his life is not treating him well...

Oh, I knew it! I walked by him today, and he looked at me! He's such a free radical... How I'd love to pair his electrons. The whole thought of us making sweet organic chemistry just sends shivers down my spine!

Video Walkthrough

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 13 The diary03:58

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 13 The diary

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