"Listen, me and the chaps were planning a little revenge hit on old Hattrick--we don't like what he did to that old soak Galloway--a chap can have a drink if he bloody hell wants to!"
— Tad Spencer

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The Eggs is a storyline mission in Chapter 2 of Bully.

The Eggs
The eggs
Tad telling Jimmy about the plan to egg Mr. Hattrick's house.
Location: Glass Jaw Boxing Gym
Time(s) Available: Before 10 PM
Faction: Preppies -10
Reward: Eggs available in room
Unlocks: Race the Vale
Panty Raid

Mission Summary

Jimmy Hopkins, forced to wear an Aquaberry sweater by Tad Spencer, enters the upstairs lounge at the boxing gym and meets with Tad Spencer, Chad Morris, and Parker Ogilvie. Chad points to Jimmy, calling the other two's attention to Jimmy's entrance.

Tad greets Jimmy by telling him he had been wondering when Jimmy would show up. He mockingly compliments Jimmy's Aquaberry sweater, and then tells him that he looks like Tad's gardener. Jimmy blows it off, and Tad begins explaining that he and the other Preps were planning to get revenge on Mr. Hattrick for almost getting Mr. Galloway fired, as they believe he is allowed to have a drink if he likes.

Tad asks him if he's in, and Jimmy agrees to help, and then asks if Tad is English. Tad explains that he is in fact not English, and speaks that way because he is insecure because his father is a self-made man--nouveau riche--and Tad pretends to be old money. He moves on, telling Jimmy that they plan to egg Mr. Hattrick's house. Jimmy embraces the idea, and Tad instructs him to get the eggs, and then meet the Preps back at Tad's house.

Jimmy leaves to go purchase eggs from the Yum Yum Market, and then makes his way to Tad's house in Old Bullworth Vale. He arrives, and gives Tad the eggs. Tad is pleased, but then asks Jimmy if he said that Tad was inbred. Jimmy denies it, but Tad interrupts and tells Jimmy that 'first cousins is legal'. He also tells Jimmy about his brother, who has no chin, that is in a lunatic asylum--possibly the Happy Volts Asylum. Jimmy shrugs all of this off, and tells Tad that his family is his business.

At this moment, Gary steps out out of nowhere. He tells Jimmy not to lie, and claims that Jimmy said that Tad was most likely a hermaphrodite, due to 'that much inbreeding'. Jimmy is confused, but Gary just uses this to his advantage at tells Jimmy not to act dumb, and adds that Jimmy said that Tad's mother was also legally his aunt, and that Tad probably had webbed toes. Tad denies having webbed toes, except for on one foot.

Gary asks Tad if he's going to take Jimmy's insults, and Tad directs the Preps to attack Jimmy.

Justin Vandervelde has the key to the front gate, and uses it to lock the gate and Jimmy in. Jimmy fights the Preps and knocks out Justin, and takes the key from him. He uses it to unlock the gate, and runs off away from Tad's house.

Video Walkthrough

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 21 The Eggs04:39

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 21 The Eggs

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