The Goths are a clique in the Bully fanon made by silverfaust89/malice89.

Clique Description

The Goth clique are a group of students who were formed by Malice Blackraven who was new in the start of The Rise of the Bullworth Goths story.


They wear dyed black dress shirts, the girls wear dark-blue plaid skirts (the same color as Jimmy's sweater vest), the boys wear dark-blue sweaters or sweater vest (again same color as Jimmy's) and black pants or shorts. They also wear a lot of gothic accessories, and some dyed they're hair in various colors.


The Goths, like The Bullies have little to no interest in the hierarchy of the school. They think it's pointless to consider it.


Malice Blackraven: The leader of The Goth clique, formed it alongside Raven Harris and Beatrice 'Absinthe' Trudeau. See Malice Blackraven

Raven Harris: Co-second in command of the clique. See Raven Harris

Beatrice Trudeau: Co-second in command of the clique. She's the first friend Malice officially makes at Bullworth. Goes by Absinthe.

Thad Carlson: Malice stood up for him on the Nerd's behalf, then joined as a way to return the favor. Goes by Hawthorne.

Pinky Gauthier: Initially hostile to Malice, due to be a Prep at the time, but after a horrendous rumor surfaced, she was excommunicated by The Preps, Malice later offered her a spot in the clique. Goes by Ember.

Contantinos Brakus: Prior to Malice's arrival, he was the closet person to being a Goth, he later joined under a recommendation. Goes by Grimore.

Trent Northwick: Was part of the Bullies clique prior to joining, was the person who Malice initially berated, when she stood up for Thad. Later joined out of regret of that action. Goes by Orpheus.

Veronica Williams: Joined in The Rise of the Bullworth Goths: The Sequel, after her school merged with Bullworth Academy. Was already a Goth prior to this event. Goes under Veronica Vicious.


  • School Basement
  • Graveyard

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