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"It was a complicated senior year, Alyssa bothered me a lot, but Rachel eventually came to my rescue, I don't know what to say"
Audrey San Lorenzo
"Freshman year was so much fun! I loved being in French class with Audrey"
Alyssa San Lorenzo
"I may have just moved here in November, but Audrey looked like she needed a break from Alyssa."
Rachel San Lorenzo
The San Lorenzo Girls


Westside JDM




Audrey San Lorenzo
Alyssa San Lorenzo
Rachel San Lorenzo



Story Summary

Audrey, Rachel, and Alyssa; the three San Lorenzo girls talk about their school years at Bullworth. Audrey tells you about her senior year, Alyssa tells you about her freshman year, and Rachel tells you about her Junior year.

The story will come out after Audrey's story is finished

The Senior

Name: Audrey "Reagan" San Lorenzo

Age: 18

File:Audrey san Lorenzo- In old outfit.png
Audrey or "Bullworth's finest girl" Talks about her crazy senior year, She talks about what was good, what was bad, and what was horrible.

The Junior

Name: Rachel "Angelina" San Lorenzo-Ratti

File:Gianna San Lorenzo.png

Age: 16

Rachel tells you about her Junior year and how she came a little late. She also talks about how she has two classes with Alyssa.

The Freshman

Name: Alyssa "Valerie" San Lorenzo

Age: 13

Alyssa San Lorenzo

Alyssa talks about her Freshman year and how she caused trouble over the years. She also tells you how many times she's been to detention.

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