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The Setup is a storyline mission in Chapter 1 of Bully.

The Setup
The setup davis jimmy
Davis aiming his slingshot at Jimmy.
Location: Bullworth Academy main school entrance
Faction: Bullies -5
Reward: Slinshot
Unlocks: Slingshot
Gym 2

Mission Summary

After classes, Jimmy is walking with Dr. Crabblesnitch outside of the school. Crabblesnitch is lecturing him about Jimmy's fighting, to which Jimmy counters that it is due to the amount of bullies at the school. Dr. Crabblesnitch replies that this is just 'school spirit', and that when he was in school bullying and castrating new students was a normal occurrence.

When Crabblesnitch leaves, Davis comes out of the school and accuses Jimmy of sucking up to the headmaster. Jimmy tells him to shut up, but then Davis fires at Jimmy with his slingshot, initiating a chase between the two.

Jimmy chases Davis around the school to the back. As he is approaching the fountain, Davis knocks over Pete Kowalski, causing him to drop all of the books and papers he is carrying. Irritated, Pete points to where Davis ran and tells Jimmy that he went that way.

Davis has run into the Auto Shop, and Wade closes the doors just as Davis runs inside. Wade then attempts to attack Jimmy, who in turn shoves Wade into the nearby trashcan. The player has the option to beat Wade up as well.

Jimmy then runs over to the gates and pulls them over, and as he makes his way through the Auto Shop he fights with Trent Northwick, Ethan Robinson, Tom Gurney, and Wade, again.

Davis is standing on a platform made of scrap wood and barrels. He kicks the ladder down in order to prevent Jimmy from climbing up onto it, and begins attacking Jimmy with his slingshot. Jimmy avoids the shots, and knocks down Davis by throwing trashcan lids and bricks at him.

After Davis' health bar runs out, his platform falls apart, and knocks down a section of the wall adjacent to it. He falls to the ground, knocked out, and Jimmy takes his slingshot.

Video Walkthrough

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 03 The setup03:21

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 03 The setup

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