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"We look like a bunch of Southern Californian wannabes, What's next? Same diet as a Southern Californian?"
— Andrew Papp

The Surfers are a fanfictional clique created by Westside JDM.

Clique Summary

They are one chill clique. They're cool with anyone joining, as long as they are willing to skip a day at school to go party on the beach.

Name Picture Description
Andrew Papp
Andrew Papp


He's a guy who's chill with anyone joining the clique. All he wants to do in life is party and surf on the beach
Devin Falkenberg He's always stoned, so he never knows when to defend his clique, unless they're punching other people.
Gabriel Dillard
Gabriel Dillard
He's best friends with Jevon. They are inseperable. Gabriel is good at surfing, but he thinks he sucks
Jandy Barragan
Jandy Barragan


He's a self proclaimed BMX rider, and pro at mountain biking. He's mainly in the clique for the parties.

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