The page is entirely Fanfiction. Not canon to Bully in any way at all.

A list of original character teachers created by WayfinderOwl, that will appear at some stage throughout all the stories in her timeline.

Mrs. Croft

First Name: Vanessa

Age: 34

Class: Home Economics

Interests & Quirks;

  • Whenever Mrs. Croft gets a new student in her class, she dresses up as a hotdog, so they don't feel intimidated by her.
  • She has two children.
  • Most of the teachers thinks she likes to ruffle all their feathers and cause trouble, but she is just a nice person who respects the kids, and loves her job.
Home Economics class

Class Size:

Despite being one of the most loved of classes, it is very under populated in the student department. To a point where all grades are put together in the same class, and taught at the same level. Because she only teaches one class a week, Mrs. Croft offers a "after hours" class. After the school day in the evenings between three and six, she allows students to come to the class, and learn some more advanced recipes at their level.


Even on the days she doesn't have a class to teach during the day, Mrs. Croft is in her classroom, ready to help anyone in need. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she cooks a large feast in her classroom for students to come in and get some more better made food if they wish. Students are allowed to help prepare it if they want to. A sign up sheet is usually posted on the door on Tuesdays and Thursdays for students who want to help, and who would be interested in getting lunch from there. The latter is just so she knows how much food to buy with money out of her own pocket.

Evening Classes;

Day Grades
Monday Middle School
Tuesday Freshman
Wednesday Sophomore
Thursday Junior
Friday Seniors
Mrs. Croft's Yearbook

Mr. Hartley

First Name: Mitchell

Age: 28

Class: Drama/Performing Arts

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