"I left all my things in the abandoned tenements where they hang out!"
— Lola Lombardi

Not to be confused with the mission of the same name.

The Tenements is a condemned apartment building in New Coventry used by the Greasers as a hangout.

Location Summary

The Tenements

Jimmy in one of the rooms in the tenements.

The tenements are located in the Eastern part of New Coventry. It is a large building where apparently, Miss Abby and other residents once lived. According to Miss Abby, the building has been condemned.

Since then, Johnny Vincent and his clique have claimed it and turned it into a hangout.

The building itself consists of various rooms that may have once held bathrooms. It is falling apart, and various wooden chairs, boxes, bed frames, toilets, and even bathtubs can be found. The floors have various holes in them in which the skeletal structure of the building can be seen, as well as the walls.

While the building cannot be regularly entered, it can be entered in the mission The Tenements, as well as in two errands.

In one errand, Officer Morrison asks Jimmy Hopkins to put out fires in the building, and in another, he asks Jimmy to rid the building of rats. In another errand, Miss Abby asks Jimmy to escort her back to the tenements, though he cannot actually enter the building.

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