"Hey Jimmy, let me show you around this prison."
— Gary Smith

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This Is Your School is a storyline mission in Chapter 1 of Bully.

This Is Your School
Eunice walking
Location: Bullworth Academy main school entrance
Time(s) Available: School hours
Faction: None
Reward: None
Unlocks: Classes
The Setup

Mission Summary

As he enters the main school building, Jimmy sees Gary bullying Algernon Papadopoulos, a nerd. He calls him 'pee stain'. Upon seeing Jimmy, Gary offers to show Jimmy around the school, which he calls a 'prison'. They run off and encounter Russell.

Russell approaches Jimmy and threatens him, and Jimmy apologizes, but then Russell demands to be paid. Jimmy complies, and Russell gives him a noogie. After he leaves, Gary urges Jimmy to break into Russell's locker and steal something, and after Jimmy does they are caught by Karl Branting, a prefect. Gary runs off, causing Karl to chase him, and Jimmy dashes around the corner and hides in a trash can.

Gary and Jimmy reunite, and they run past the Girls' Bathroom just as Eunice is exiting, crying. Gary sees her, calling her 'that weird girl', and tells Jimmy that they should 'have some fun with her'.

This Is Your School Eunice kissing Jimmy Pound Hopkins

Eunice kissing Jimmy while Gary watches.

She tells Jimmy that Constantinos has stolen her chocolates and asks him to get them back for her. Jimmy runs to the Boys' Bathroom and has the option to buy them back, taunt Constantinos, or beat him up in order to obtain them. He returns them to Eunice, who gives him a messy kiss as thanks, to Gary's amused disbelief. The two then run off to the cafeteria.

Gary shows four of the five school cliques to Jimmy. First, he shows him the nerds, who are represented by Earnest Jones and Cornelius Johnson, who are playing Grottos & Gremlins, and Algernon. He describes them as 'complete social outcasts' and 'sneaky bastards'.

Next, he shows Jimmy the Preppies, who are represented by Derby Harrington who has his arm around Pinky Gauthier, and Tad Spencer. He describes them as being 'all money and condescending attitudes', to which Jimmy comments that they are inbred and dumb.

Gary then shows him the Greasers, who are represented by Johnny Vincent, Hal Esposito, and Ricky Pucino. Gary tells Jimmy that they think they are tough, but advises Jimmy not to mess with them yet.

Lastly, Gary shows Jimmy the Jocks, and introduces them as the school rulers, telling Jimmy to avoid them. They are represented by Damon West and Juri Karamazov who are arm wrestling, and Ted Thompson who is watching.

The bell then rings, and Gary and Jimmy are told by Edward to get to class. Gary runs off, and Jimmy heads to Chemistry.

Video Walkthrough

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 02 This is your school05:56

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 02 This is your school


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