"Michael, use your jabs. You're bigger and stronger then him, we already know that. Surprise him with your speed."

Tony is Michael's head coach. He is a very important part of Michael's life at this point. Despite being his head trainer he is also one of Michael's closest friends. He is a young coach at 25 years-old.


Smart, and athletic as well as cool headed Tony is Michael's head coach. He is extremely well disciplined as well as being a well trained Martial Artist. He's got a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Bullworth state Champion wrestler, and he is also the Bullworth Kickboxing champion. Despite his youth he is very strong and wise. He tends to be level headed and calm. As a Mixed Martial Artist don't let appearances fool you he is very very dangerous and lightning quick.

He holds the Bullworth record for fastest time doing the 400m Dash, and has shown to be one of the most athletic people in the town of Bullworth. He also has a good sense of humor and, like Michael, loves to crack jokes every once in awhile. He is well liked by everyone that knows him except maybe the Preppies. Despite being a dangerous fighter he is also very geeky to, being a gamer and comic book nerd.


He is 5'7", and 160 pounds. With a really athletic build. Despite not being big he is considered one of the most dangerous fighters at Bullworth. He has short black hair and is very fond of undershirts, he is indeed hispanic and tends to wear glasses. He has brown eyes and elfish ears. Michael often calls him an elf.


Born and raised in Bullworth to a hard working Hispanic family they primarily grew up in New Coventry. Barely making ends meet. His father and mother worked down at the docks, hard labor that Tony soon found himself doing at the age of 11.

He attended Bullworth when he became of age and was aggressively bullied. He started Kickboxing and he knocked out the QB with a spinning back kick. He was then respected in almost the same regard as Jimmy Hopkins was when he took over the school. Today Tony is a Mixed Martial Artist and is well trained in all disciplines. Even today he is barely making ends meet but he was hired at the Glass Jaw gym to help raise young fighters to become contenders.

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