This page is based on a work of fanfiction. It is not canon to Bully.

Transferred To Bullworth is a fanfictional story written by TheToughGuy. It is a reboot of the original story written by Westside JDM.


Greg Winston is pretty much your average teenager. He has a father who spends more time doing his job than with his son and a mother who has been deceased since childbirth. Greg loves watching movies and playing video games as well as hanging out with friends. He's just a normal teenager but with one exception: he has a dark secret that he doesn't want anyone to know.

After getting expelled from his old school in Liberty City, he transfers to Bullworth to get away from his past mistakes. But when the Jocks start to harass Greg and go as far as to dig into his past, Greg decides to take action. With football season approaching and with help from his new girlfriend Cameron Joseph, Greg wages a war against the football team to end the sports program at the academy once and for all, hoping to change the school forever.

Disclaimer (Before Reading The Story)

This story consists of possible grammar issues as well as possible misspelled words. Not everything will be perfect.

As for story content, this story consists of strong language and intense moments. Reader discretion is advised.

Acts & Chapters


Greg's reflection on his life thus far at Bullworth Academy.


Act I

Upon arriving at Bullworth Academy, Greg Winston must overcome the highs and lows of attending a new school. Even with his past mistakes haunting him every step of the way, he plans to achieve his goal of starting over.

Chapter Number Chapter Name
1 A New Beginning
2 A Father/Son Moment
3 Cameron Joseph
4 The Party
5 The Nerds
6 Helping Hand
7 Trust Issues
8 The Extortion Process
9 Curious Cameron
10 Betrayal
11 The Reveal
12 Regrets
13 Outcast
14 Memoirs Of The Past

Act II

With his haunting secret revealed, Greg has had enough of the Jocks' reign of terror on Bullworth Academy. Seeking help from the other cliques, Greg vows to hurt the Jocks where it hurts them the most: with their sports program.

Chapter Number Chapter Name
15 Recruiting The Nerds
16 Rain Of Metal
17 John Maciel's Deal
18 The Funhouse Prank
19 A Night To Remember
20 Life's A Bitch
21 The Jock Massacre
22 Breaking And Entering
23 Racing Jason Vincent
24 Breaking And Entering Part II


This is a list of songs that make an "appearance" in the chapters of this story. This list provides the name of the song and the artist for any readers who wants to listen to the song mentioned on YouTube or any website featuring the song.

  • Baba O'Riley - The Who
  • Sleepwalking - The Chain Gang Of 1974
  • Rush Rush - Debbie Harry
  • Love My Way - Psychedlic Furs
  • Old Love / New Love - Twin Shadows
  • Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
  • Bad Voodoo - Kreeps
  • Hand of Blood - My Bloody Valentine

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