All Quotes

During missions and others

  • Hey, there's a new kid. Wonder what his name is?
  • It was a rock, a rock hit me sir.
  • It's not my fault.
  • Something hit me.
  • Algernon! Didn't I tell you you weren't allowed in here?!
  • Bucky, you're pathetic!
  • I love beating you up, Bucky!
  • No, I don't buzz off!
  • Oh you think you tough?! Come on, Jimmy boy!
  • So like you're pretty cute and stuff...
  • Do you read manga?
  • I like your outfit!
  • So, you wanna go out on a date sometime?
  • I guess I'll just stay in here and hope you'll change your mind.
  • How about now?
  • You! What are you looking at? Get outta here!
  • Prefect! This guy's trying to start a fight!
  • Help! I'm being bullied!
  • It wasn't me... and I'm not ugly.
  • All right, I'll give it to you if you beat my friend in a little game...
  • I better go need more coffee!
  • ...he kicks you in the nuts. Then you kick him in the nuts, until one of you gives up. If you win, you get the sheet. If not, we keep it.
  • That's some funny stuff right there.
  • Damn, you got up fast.
  • See you later, sucker.

Suggesting to provide protection

  • Sure. What else I got?
  • Cool. We gonna pick up some chicks?

ALLY About to Leave

  • What an unbelievably boring adventure!
  • I got lines to run. I'm outta here.
  • Hey, just remembered! This chick wants to make out with me!

ALLY Help Me

  • Get over here. Now!
  • You gonna pick your nose all day or help me out?!

Getting knocked off bike

  • Stupid bike!
  • Whatever, I meant to do that!

Comment on successful bike trick

  • Whoop-dee-friggin’-doo!
  • Wow, you're Olympic material. Not.

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • Ha ha. Dingus.
  • Want me to get the nurse? Heh heh.

Stealing a bike

  • Nice bike, dorkwad!
  • Gimme that!

Has bike stolen from

  • Consider yourself dead, SNOTBAG!
  • You know who I am?!

Winning a fight

  • Haha! Yeah!
  • Bullworth sucks! Haha!

===When Bumped into by friends

  • Slow down.
  • Let me get outta your way.
  • Excuse me!

===When bumped into hostile

  • You walk often?
  • Hey, I'm breathing here!
  • Are you flirting with me or what?
  • Got a death wish?
  • Lose your glasses, dipstick?
  • You're asking for it.
  • Never. Touch the Trent-man.

== When bumped into by other cliques

  • (Dropout) Your dirt bag parents teach you any manners?
  • (Nerd) I'll tie you to the flagpole myself, wimp.

Getting hit with bike/car

  • You wanna hit the Trent-man huh?!
  • Anybody see that?!
  • Somebody. Is going. To die!

Saying Goodbye

  • Listen. I got bigger fish to fry.
  • Later.
  • I'm outta here.

Saying about rides at the carnival

  • That sucked!
  • Come on. I want some real action!

Calling friends for help

  • Hey guys! Look what I got here!
  • Guys! You want a piece of this?!


  • Wait up! I got something tell ya!
  • What is this a marathon?

When someone hides from him

  • Figured you are wuss!
  • Jimmy Hopkins! Come out and plaaay-aay!

Out of breath

  • Come on Trent man. Pull it together.

Walking around talking to himself

  • Last time I drink cough syrup, ugh!
  • I smell free food.
  • Like I want a stinkin' friendship bracelet, jeez!
  • She's got the hots for me, I know it.
  • Total utter gross-out.
  • Am I handsome? Yes, yes I am.


  • Trent-man does not go for this, man!
  • They expect me to let this slide?!

When confused

  • I feel like I gotta hit something!


  • Smooth move, dingus!
  • My hero!


  • My knee hurts.
  • Bullworth: dorkwad central.
  • I heard Mandy knows all about third base!
  • Ms. Philips keeps a picture of me in her desk I swear!
  • I was giving that Nerd Fatty a wedgie and he had a slice of pizza in his underwear. Can you believe that?
  • Lola doesn't wear underwear! She showed me!
  • Mr. Galloway says I got talent! Says I can go all the way!
  • You heard about Mr. Galloway and Ms. Phillips? They know!
  • They kicked me out the girls dorm. I'm not sweating it.
  • Can't believe that Hopkins not did Russell in.
  • I touched Lola's bra, believe it.
  • I saw that Hopkins kid playing Laser Vikings with The Nerds. I'm serious.
  • I can't wait till school ends. I'm guaranteed the lead part at acting camp.
  • They told me Mr. Burton is gonna smell like that forever!
  • Whatever.
  • Come ooonnn.
  • Yeah. And I'm still a virgin.
  • Pleeaase.
  • If I get left back another year I'm running to Hollywood.
  • I hurt my hand flushing that kid's head down the toilet.
  • Sometimes these girls...these girls are just prudes you know.
  • I searched that kid's room and didn't find one porno.
  • wanna read lines with me?
  • You hear that? It's the world's smallest violin, playing just for you.
  • Boo hoo.
  • Stop it! You're breaking my heart!
  • Bullworth girls need to put out more!
  • I found a toenail in the meatloaf.
  • Too many wusses around here.
  • How can one girl be sooo mean?
  • Smell you later!
  • Come by the library later, we'll smash some Nerd's glasses or something!
  • Get outta here!
  • My coach tells me, my craft is intense, man. Intense!
  • Chicks dig actors. We're called thespians in the bizz.
  • Lola and Mandy are fighting over me again.
  • Forget stage. A face like this is pure cinema, you get me?
  • Nice one!
  • Cool!
  • Yeah! I know all about that!
  • You ever see me in that commercial?
  • You ever wedgie a Nerd so bad, he bleeds?
  • So did you kiss her or what?
  • You ever snick in the girls' locker room?
  • Yeah, before you did.
  • Get both those brain cells working. What do you think?
  • Don't be a dingus, of course!
  • Nah!

Losing Dodgeball

  • Ohh man!
  • Stupid competitive endeavor!
  • Winners suck!
  • I can't do this by myself!
  • Come on! They ran right over us!
  • I'm surrounded by dorkwads!


  • Ohh, gross!


  • Sir, we've already selected our team!
  • That's because you always lose, loser!

Hit by friendly fire

  • Watch it, wuss!
  • A thin-friggin'-line, Hopkins!
  • Tell me you did not just do that!


  • Come on, pansy!
  • Your mama hits better!
  • Look at the pipsqueak go!
  • You're dead!
  • I'll bury you alive SUCKA!

Losing a fight

  • That’s all you got? *coughs*
  • You ain't nothing...
  • Next time I'm gonna...
  • Russell's gonna hear about this...
  • Groan*
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA (He cries and laughs at the same time)

Starting fight with some Cliques

  • (Dropout) Try it, loser! Just try it!
  • (Greaser) Don't wipe your smell on me, Greaseball!
  • (Jock) Ooooooohhh!! I think I got the gorilla angry!
  • (Nerd) Quit squirming, nerd!
  • (Prep) where [did] they teach to fight? Sailing class?

Starting fight

  • Somebody wants to be handicapped!
  • Let a real man show you the ropes!
  • Guess you're not addicted to breathing, huh?
  • You're gonna wish you had a bodyguard!

Kicked in the nuts

  • You stupid piece of...UGGHHH... Aaaaaahhh...

When spat on

  • I feel the need to kill!

Watching a fight

  • Finally, some good old teenage bloodshed!
  • Stuff that dorkwad's head up his butt!
  • Kick his knees in!
  • It's a Freaking Massacre!!!

Hit by some sneak attacks or projectile attack

  • What the?
  • Somebody's dead!

When the fire alarm goes off

  • Music to my ears!


  • Cool it, man!
  • Relax, dude!
  • Let's talk about this, alright?

Food Fight

  • I was waiting for this moment!

Watching a freak show

  • I could take these guys on.

Receiving a gift

  • You're Mr. Moneybags today, huh?
  • Is that it? Thanks.

Demanding Money

  • Your pockets, empty them!
  • A little late on your protection payment, Hopkins.
  • Your parents are loaded, right?
  • Your money, or your BLOOD!

Demanding flowers

  • I'm a star, baby. And I like presents.
  • I wanna spend time with you, but not if you're cheap about it!

After receiving flowers

  • You're in luck, baby! I really like your present.
  • That's cool. So I guess you really like me, huh?

After getting money from his victim

  • Let's not let this come between us, Hopkins.
  • Is that all you got?
  • Next time I'll want double, dorkwad.

Giving a gift

  • Here. … now don't get all lovey-dovey, okay?


  • What's cooking?
  • What's the dealyo dude?
  • How's it hanging?

Greeting authority

  • I'm hot for teacher! heh! heh!
  • Hello Sir?


  • Wanna play shirts and skins?

Complimenting Clothes

  • Hey, you dressin' like me now.
  • Killer hat man!
  • I got a shirt just like that.
  • Sweet tattoo! Where'd you get that?


  • You’re a star. You’re a star. You’re a star.
  • Girls, they looove meee!

Requesting an errand

  • Alright. This is what we gotta do. Now listen up.
  • Okay, hotshot. Time to help out the Trent-man.
  • Listen, you gotta help me on this!


  • Bad idea!
  • Not cool!
  • Watch it!

Greetings while fearing

  • Yeah... hey.

Teasing #1

  • What a lame oid!
  • Look who got hit with the ugly stick!


  • Mmmmffff... Hahahaha! Whatever.
  • Yeahahaha Right! Ahahahaha yeah.


  • is just kissing*


  • I'm a totally awesome kisser, right?
  • This is just like one of those romance movies!
  • I'm such a player.

Before kissing

  • It's just you and me baby. What should we do?
  • I'm hot. You're hot. Let's make out.


  • is just belching*

Hit by a thrown dead rat

  • gag* That was a rat!

Teasing #2

  • Whatever, trash!
  • Get lost!
  • Shut up!

When greeting someone in good terms

  • Keeping out of trouble, dude?
  • Hey, hey.
  • Sup?


  • This is the face of a lead actor man!
  • When I become a star you can write on my coattails man...
  • Listen...*panting* I got a reputation to uphold, man.

Aiding a fight

  • Hey! Tough guy!
  • Backup's arrived!

Perceiving thing as cool

  • Wow!
  • I can do that!

Perceiving thing as crap

  • Wake me when it's over.
  • Booooring!

While seen vandalism

  • Get off of that!
  • What are you doing?!

Saying about fireworks

  • Fire in the hole!
  • Who dropped the fire power?!

Hit with a stink bomb

  • cough* That stinks like your mom!
  • Who cut the cheese?!

Clothes browsing

  • I gotta look good for my audition.
  • Bunch of junk in here!

When suck up

  • Listen. I know girls, man. Lose girls.
  • What do you want from me?
  • Hey, I always knew you were cool.

Insulting the tag

  • Wow, that sucks!


  • Listen, I'm here to learn, I can't deal with this tom foolery.
  • This kid is really getting on my nerves.


  • Bite me, dillweed!
  • Up yours!
  • Disappear, zitbag!
  • Doofus!
  • Idiot!
  • Lame-oid!
  • Tard!


  • You're gonna be pissing blood!
  • Hope you got sick days left. You're going to need them!
  • I'm gonna waste this fart bag!
  • That's it! You're dead!

Don't Want to Fight

  • Whatever, man. I gotta seeing practice.
  • I don't got times for piss-ants.
  • I'm a lover, not a fighter.


  • Haha! What a lightweight!
  • Your move, dillweed!
  • No escape from the Trent-man!
  • I'll bitch slap you from one school to another!
  • Crap off lady!

Other taunts and Insults

  • You're dead, new kid!

Insulting Clothes

  • Hey, your grandpa die and leave you his wardrobe?
  • Never let a chimpanzee cut your hair, dingus!
  • I think a dog pissed on your pants, dingus!


  • is just crying*


  • You hear something? I though I hear somebody.
  • Live another day, wimp. Take a hike.
  • If I catch you in the halls alone? Bam!
  • Your mother teach you that one?!
  • You want to eat my fist, tough guy?!
  • At least I'm not a virgin, Hopkins!
  • Ho ho! The comedian learn some new material!
  • Funny guy, huh?
  • You like to laugh, dipstick?

Getting bullied

  • Okay, man. ENOUGH!
  • Listen, I’ll give you anything you want!

Saying this way

  • Over here, dingus.
  • Hopkins, this way.

When thanking Jimmy

  • Thanks, man. You're a little less of zitbag in my eyes.

After swirlie

  • My beautiful hair...!
  • I'm gonna be a star...*Sniff* you'll see!
  • DORKWAD! *Sniff*

Getting swirlie


Playing Dodgeball

  • When I’m famous, you can say you lost to me!
  • You hear those girls cheering my name?!
  • This is gonna be easy!

Insulting in bicycle race

  • This won't take long, look at those guys.
  • Great, we're up against the dork squad.
  • Come back when you hit puberty.

Laughing at headdress

  • Hey, look! The circus is in town.

When thanking of someone

  • Yeah, thanks.

Winning an individual fight

  • Ladies, one at a time!
  • No pictures please!
  • Sorry, dingus. Don't push me next time!

Physically bullied

  • Don't let the girls see me like this!

Winning in Dodgeball

  • Yeah! Haha! Yeaaah! HAHA!
  • That's right! Eat our dirt!
  • Haha Oo Woo hoo! Hahaha!

Physically bullying of someone

  • Man, if I had a camera now!
  • You got to be humiliated, right?
  • Don't blame me! Blame the system!
  • Come on you pussy, I hit myself all the time, wimp!
  • I'll cut your arm and shove it up your culo!
  • Don't worry about it. We got dirtier toilets in Syria!

Saying wrong way

  • You need a seeing eye dog? Don't go that way, I mean it!
  • This ain't brain science, Hopkins. Get over here, or it's over!


  • Can't wait until I get to Hollywood!


  • Would you look at that! Check it out!

When TV turned off

  • I'm watching my favorite soap, dillweed!