"I'll be the best basketball player at Bullworth." -Trevor Browne


Trevor is an angry, tough, mean Jock. He holds bitter contempt for Michael Diaz and has a long standing hatred for him. He is a bully and is willing to use his imposing stature to bully, and belittle his adversaries. He is mostly quiet and has more of a predatory nature to him. His best friend is Ted.


File:Trevor Browne.png

Trevor stands at a boastful 6'8" tall, and weighs 312 pounds. He is large and lean. He is of Hawaiian descent and sports a short mohawk. He is wide, brown eyes. He usually wears his letterman jacket around campus, whilst also wearing hollister blue jeans and blue running shoes. Sometimes he wears a Bullworth cap, and when he does he wears it backwards.


At his old school in Hilo, Hawaii Trevor was thought of as the next up and coming athlete to grace the basketball court. When he was expelled for shoving a kid into a locker that dream almost went away. He was sent to Bullworth by his overly pragmatic mom, and tough father. Bullworth is his last shot at redemption and he has carried the basketball team to victory after victory.

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