"I sometimes rest on my laurels!"
— Trevor Moore

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Trevor Moore is a Non-Clique student in Bully.

Trevor Moore
Clique Non-Clique Students
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Adam Serwer

Character Summary

Trevor Halloween

Trevor in his Halloween costume.

Trevor is a black student with short dark brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. His voice sounds rather young, and he is slightly taller than the other non-clique male students. Usually, Trevor wears a dark teal school sweater over a white collared shirt and tie. In the winter, he wears a dark teal hoodie, and pale gray fingerless gloves. His pajamas are dark blue. For Halloween, he dresses as a werewolf.

Goal orientated and hard working, Trevor works hard towards an academic scholarship, among other goals. He often worries that he doesn't have much fun, and cannot wait to leave Bullworth, as he hates the rowdy atmosphere.

Melody Adams appears to have a crush on him, as she asks Jimmy to leave chocolates in Trevor's locker for her.


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