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The Trouble Meter is a meter that fills in as the player breaks rules in Bully.


Each crime that Jimmy commits, the trouble meter fills in according to the severity. There are about six severity levels. In order for it to empty, Jimmy must remain hidden or out of the Prefects', Faculty's, or Police's sight.

On the map, the red dots that represent authority will have yellow display radii if only two thirds of the meter are full, and if Jimmy enters that radius, they will attempt to bust him. If it is red, they will find him automatically unless he hides while out of the radius.

Trouble Levels

Half Yellow

If the trouble meter is only half filled in the first third at yellow, authority figures will yell at him instead of attempting to bust him.

Full Yellow

If the meter is at full yellow (or the first third is filled) authority figures who seem him will attempt to bust Jimmy. If grabbed, however, he can escape.

If English 3 has been completed, Jimmy also has the option of apologizing to prefects, and the trouble meter will empty. If English 5 is completed, Jimmy can also apologize to faculty and police. He cannot, however, apologize for truancy, trespassing, or violating curfew.


If the trouble meter is half or full orange, authority is generally more aggressive towards Jimmy. Starting at this level, Jimmy is unable to apologize for his misbehavior, though he can still escape if grabbed.


If Jimmy's trouble meter reaches red, authority will bust him automatically. If the trouble meter fills all the way, authority figures will automatically appear on the map and chase Jimmy. If grabbed, he will be busted automatically.

Rule Infractions & Severity Level

Rule Violation Description Severity
Authority Alert A plea for help by a student being harassed. Can also be done by hobos. Yellow
Breaking and Entering Successful lockpicking which leads to opening a locker results in a breaking and entering violation. Orange
Bullying Bullying other male students. Yellow
Bullying (Adults) Bullying adults. Red
Bullying (Authority) Bullying faculty, prefects, or police. Red
Bullying (Little Kids) Bullying little kids. Red
Dress Code Wearing clothes that are not sold in the school store while on campus. Yellow
Harassment Shove taunting male students. Yellow
Harassment (Adults) Pinching a woman on the rear end. Yellow
Harassment (Girls) Pinching a girl on the rear end. Orange
Harassment (Little Kids) Pinching a little girl on the rear end. Red
Resisting Apprehension When a student breaks free from an authority's hold when said authority is attempting to bust the student. Yellow
Impudence Aiming a weapon at authority, or verbally taunting them. Yellow
Lock Picking Picking a locker. Yellow
No Helmet Riding a moped without a helmet. Yellow
Misconduct Skateboarding inside of the school. Yellow
Obstructing Authority When blocking authority from catching up to someone violating a law or rule. Yellow
Pulling Alarm Pulling the fire alarm. Yellow
Tagging Spraying graffiti on the wall. Orange
Theft Taking a fire extinguisher off the wall, or taking a bike from someone else. Yellow
Trespassing Entering buildings after their closing times (i.e. the main school building after 7pm) or other buildings that are private property (i.e. Happy Volts Asylum) Yellow
Truancy Skipping class. Yellow
Using Prank Throwing a dead rat or water balloon at another student. Yellow
Vandalism Destroying school or public property. Yellow
Violating Curfew Staying outside of the dorm after 11pm. Yellow
Violence Physically attacking another male student or Townie. Orange
Violence (Adults) Physically attacking an adult. Red
Violence (Authority) Physically attacking faculty, prefects, or police. Red
Violence (Girls) Physically attacking girls. Red
Violence (Little Kids) Physically attacking little kids. Red
Weapon Fired Firing a weapon (such as the slingshot, bottle rocket launcher, spudgun, etc) in front of authority without hitting someone. Yellow
Weapon Violence Hitting another male student with a weapon. Orange

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