"YES, I believe everything I hear!"
— Troy

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Troy Miller is a member of the Bullies clique in Bully.

Troy Miller
Clique Bullies
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Save Algie
Defend Bucky
Character Sheets
Help Gary
Voice Actor Evan Weinstein

Character Summary

Troy Pete and Davis Halloween

Troy in his Halloween costume after having shoved Pete in a trashcan with Davis.

Troy is a medium sized bully, with short auburn hair and blue eyes. He wears the standard bully outfit, consisting of a white school shirt and jeans, and in the winter, he wears a long-sleeved, unbuttoned white school shirt over a navy blue hoodie, as well as fingerless black gloves. On Halloween, he wears an Edna mask.

Troy is notable for his low and hoarse voice and has a habit of shouting. He seems to be rather slow and becomes confused easily. He enjoys watching mindless violence on television, and is apparently talented at darts. Troy wants to join the army when he is older and claims that he takes steroids. If this is true, it may contribute to his voice.

Game dialogue suggests Troy may be bisexual, homosexual, or sexually confused. He is hinted at being attracted to Russell but is apparently in denial about it.

In Chapter 1, during Character Sheets, he and Trent challenge Jimmy to a game of Roshambo.


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