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The page is being retained for historical purposes.

"Ted thinks he's a better QB then me?! Reality check, I'm the best!" 

Tyler is the protagonist of his knew series. Life of a Bullworth Jock, he is 18 years-old and is a Senior at Bullworth Academy.


Despite being one of the oldest students on campus he is also one of the most immature. He's always cracking jokes and is quite a prankster, as well as being very innapropriate. He is arrogant and constantly calls himself "the king" althought despite his arrogance he is also kind to others but often finds himself having to play the 'macho' role and having to bully others to impress his friends even though he feels no ill will towards any of the Nerds or students that are thought to be 'weaker' then him, he's not actually a violent person and isn't too fond of fighting in general. Despite being an excellent Football player and wrestler the one thing that has held him back is an overall lack of discipline. 

He cares more about his reputation then he does his school performance and that is why he doesn't do all that well in school. Despite this he is actually quite smart and when he puts in any amount of effort he usually does pretty good. He is very charismatic and really flirty, although women tend to find him annoying because of his constant flirting. 

He is incredibly close with his mom and tries to hide the fact that he is kind of a mamma's boy. Being an only child she's given him so much in life and while he's at Bullworth he wishes that she could come down and visit him. His dad was killed in action during the war. He also tries to hide the fact that he misses her deeply. His mother has spoiled him deeply. Despite the tragic event of losing his father he is very optimistic and enthusiastic. 


He has long light brown hair that goes down to his shoulders, dark blue eyes that add to his good looks and charm. He stands at 6'3 225 pounds and is athletically built. He is very muscular and very proud of his height. When he arrived at Bullworth he wore his Nirvana t-shirt along with track pants. He's very handsome. He is of German and Scottish decent.


He grew up in a very well off middle class family. His dad was killed before he was born and he grew up without a father pretty much his whole life. He doesn't consider his stepfather a real fatherly figure and has got into drinking and lacks any real discipline whatsoever. Which leads him to landing in Bullworth, where he hopes to become star QB like he did at his school in Los Santos. 

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