made by my sister

Charice William is a character created by cachabon.

Charice is from multiple descents: her mom is french while her dad is half-asian, half-white. She is originally from the San Fiero area, but has since moved to Bullworth because of her father's business.

she enjoys sports and cooking and likes to own her own bakery one day. she is very friendly and polite to those around her and is always willing to help out a friend in need.

however, despite her cheery attitude a lot of pressure is being put on her because her parents especially her dad wants her to do well in school.

she has since developed a sort of bipolar disorder (i think that's what its called???).

if she gets too upset she tends to blank out and if provoked with start fighting back very violently. only very few people know about this as she keeps it a secret from her friends, she doesn't want people to think she's a freak.

but she feels very alone. tho she takes medication, she still feels very embarased.

she is on the school's track team, even though she is kinda clumsy ^^;;

she's best friends with angie & christy and is rumored to have a relationship with ricky pucino from the greasers.

however she wont admit to it ^/////^;;

her favorite music is dance music, her favorite food is bento and cold soba noodles, her favorite band is 2NE1 ♥

this is all i have for her now, i'm sorry its so lame i will try and put up a proper profile sooner or later.

hope you like her ^0^

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