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  • I live in Cincinnati,Ohio
  • I was born on February 23
  • I am male
  • Cdc1998

    Just Curious...

    December 24, 2016 by Cdc1998

    With the holidays inbound I wanted to wish everyone here on the wiki happy holidays! Hopefully everything has been going well for you all and continues to go well. Before I start back up my spring semester of college in the next few weeks I wanted to ask you all a few questions while I have the time.

    Has anyone seen or planning on going to see Rogue One? As a Star Wars, nerd, I was wondering what your guy's opinion is on the first of the spinoff films. Personally I really enjoyed watching it. While Empire Strikes Back will always be my favorite, this film is close to being my second favorite. I know that some people did not enjoy it due to it being more darker, although I felt that they forgot it's around the premise of a war film. I felt i…

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  • Cdc1998
    • Note: I know I said that I was going to write this around 2 months ago, although I've been rather busy with college (if you wish to inquire about it, I'll tell you) and I have some relative free time to at least start on this. Plus, my dumbass self forgot the password again so I had to reset my password yet again. I wrote it down though so I shouldn't forget it anymore. Anyway, on with the chapter*

    The day after I was jumped by the Greasers I felt like absolute crap. When I woke up, I looked in the mirror and saw that my left eye was swollen. Thankfully, that was the only damage done to my face. My body was not so lucky. I had bruises and welts all across my chest and arms. I've wore long sleeve shirts to hide this. Whenever the other Preps…

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  • Cdc1998

    It's been a while

    August 29, 2016 by Cdc1998

    So apparently the last time I made a blog post on here was almost 5 months ago... Damn it's been long!

    Anyway, what's up everyone? I haven't talked to all of you for quite some time and I've been wondering how's everyone doing. I've checked the wiki every day and have seen that you all have been quite active in the role plays, which is really great. I hope everything thing has been going well for everyone.

    Even though I have been checking the wiki everyday like some sort of weirdo, I never logged in or posted anything because I forgot my password and my lazy ass just got around to resetting it. Typical me...

    I also haven't really been on because I am in college now (Also, I know I'm super late on this but congrats to TTG as well on going to c…

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  • Cdc1998

    Hey Everyone

    April 11, 2016 by Cdc1998

    Hey, everybody. Long time no see.

    So, since it's been a while since I've been on here I just wanted to pop by and let you all know what I've been up to, as well as to see how all of you have been.

    Mostly, I've been gone due to being preoccupied with school. I'll be graduating in a month, so I've been trying to keep my grades up. Especially in my college prob & stats class, as I could definitely use the college credit. Speaking of college, I ended up getting the scholarship I've previously mentioned to some users for the University of Cincinnati, and will be attending UC come this fall. My main mission now is to cover my housing cost.

    On a side note, I had my senior year prom yesterday. Oh my God, I had so much fun. I talked, although I wish I…

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  • Cdc1998

    A Quick Update

    January 11, 2016 by Cdc1998

    Hey, Everyone,

    I know it's been a while since I've been on here. My 2nd semester recently started, and I've been very preoccupied. I just wanted to give you all a heads up on what's been going on with me, as well as my availability.

    First off, I have some good news regarding me. I've been accepted to Mount St. Joseph University, one of the colleges I applied to, got a $48,000 scholarship to MSJ, and am eligible to be in the honors program. I'm still waiting to hear back from the University of Cincinnati before I make any decisions though.

    Next, for those who follow the series, I know that I never finished ANFAB: The Lost Holiday Chapter, and it's obviously past the holidays. I didn't really have the time to work on it over break, and really h…

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