Whats up everyone? How've you all been? I know its been about a week since I've been on here(in case any of you were wondering why I havent been on here) and now I'm finally back. You see, the problem was I FINALLY got my home computer fixed but it still wouldn't let me on the wiki, so I tried to get wifi off my laptop but I couldn't but now I do. I've missed being on here. Other than that let me tell you what's all happened since I've been gone form here. First off I didn't do anything for halloween, even though I would have. I got Assassin's Creed III and I'm loving that game. It's so awsome! I also bought the movie Donnie Darko with it. So now I'm out about 80 bucks, but ti was worth it. Oh, and yesterday when I was in 2nd bell at school we got this announcement that the middle schoolers couldn't go to their lockers. Luckily I'm a high-schooler though, because I needed to get my notebook. It turns out 3 students had bb guns in their lockers. They got arrested and we had to take this paper home from the principal about it(at least he cares about the safety of all students). And people really wern't worried about it. Like what if it could've been a real gun? Doesn't anybody remember Columbine, Virgina Tech shooting, and all the other school shootings? Or does anybodty at least search them up? I don't think people know the severity of stuff like this today.

I forgot to ask some people stuff.

@TTG, whats up dude? Do anyhting interesting Halloween?

@Michael Whats up dude? Get any new games? How's everything comming along for you?

@Link Whats up? Are you okay dude? I heard that Sandy hit Boston on the news a few days ago and was just wondering?

Oh and overall are any of you okay?

By the way, my next chapter will be out either later today or tomorrow.

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