After the lecture

Charles walks out of dr. crabblesnitch's study and stands in the office to find out what his room number is."Caldwell,your room number is 739" ms. danvers says to charles."Thanks" charles says fakely and leaves to go to the boys dorm.While walking down the steps charles sees nerds staring at him & whispering."If you have something to say have the balls to say it to my face!" charles yells at them."Not gonna say anything?Thats what I thought!" charles continues and leaves to go to the boy's dorm.

Charles waks into the boy's dorm and stands in the middle of the hall looking for his room."Shit! I don't see it" charles says and a greaser walks into him at that moment."My bad" the greaser says."Its okay.Wait a minute I'm new here and I have now idea where my room is,do you know where room 739 is?" charles asks the greaser."Down the left side of the hall,last room to your right" the greaser says."Thanks man" charles says to the greaser and walks to his room.When walking he hears someone blasting Hair of the Dog by Nazareth from their radio on Liberty Rock Radio."Yeah man crank that shit up!" charles says while walking.When he enters his room he realizes he has no roomates,which he likes."Sweet,no roomates.Well,I might as well unpack" charles says and starts to unpack his stuff.

Charles first gets his backpack and takes out his clothes,shampoo,deoderant,body wash,toothpaste,toothbrush, and other essentials and puts them up.When he gets his suitcase however,he pulls out a small black book,3 cases,his chain,a labtop,and a pair of black fingerless gloves.The book is filled with some of his friend's phone numbers in case he wants to call/text them,one case is filled with money with a note also with it,another case has nothing(in case he gets robbed he will give the robber the suitcase with nothing), and the last case has two 45 sheperds in them.Charles puts the book on hia desk,puts the suitcases with the money & 45 sheperds under his bed n the floorboard,and just leaves out the last case.Charles then decides to just chill in his bed and gets on his labtop.

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