Hey everyone, I need your help.Its not anything important, but I want to know how to do this. You see on facebook, i put where I am attending high school so anyone who may know me will see it(good thing my profile's private instead ofpublic, cause I don't want no weirdos looking at my profile), but being the dumbass that I am, I don't know how to change the 'went to' to 'goes to'. So, how do I change that? Also I have some questions. Has anyone seen the movie The Departed? its directed by Martin Scorcese(hope I spelled his last name right) and the ending confuses me. I like the movie and I know why the ending happens, but its a litlle stupid because Leonardo DiCaprio gets killed by some guy, then Anthony Andersongets killed by the guy, them Matt Damon kills him, and then Mark Walberg Kills Matt Damon. Now I know why that happened, but to me its sorta stupid. oh and Jack Nicholsen(hope I spelled his name right, if not tell me) freaks me out. Not because of his character, but just because he's him, which is the reason I will never watch The Shining EVER again, that movie freaked me the hell out. Also has anyone seen any good movies?

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