Hey everyone, its me Charles. Sorry I havent been on in a few days I've been busy because I started high school on the 22nd. Its actually a good school, I like it, and its also a College Prepatory school. To me, the place has been good, except the lunch because its got all the freshman,sophmores,juinors, and seinors in the lunch room at the same time, luckily though I pack my lunch so I don't have to go through the hell of getting food in the lines. The classes are alright, but some are just boring. So, what have you all been up to?

Oh, and I also have a question, it deals with video games. Video games, we love some, we hate some, some sell good, some sell bad. So, here's my question. What video games do you think are going to have some of the best sales from this year to next year. The reason I put next year is because there's a video game I'm going to mention, but it still doesn't have a release date. Some of the video games I think are going to have good sales are GTA V, Assassin's Creed III, and then I really can't think of anything else.

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