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  • CeeCee-xo

    Hey guys :)

    March 3, 2012 by CeeCee-xo

    This is mainly a post just to ask how everyone is, as lame as that sounds. It seems to be quiet here in the week so I thought I'd reach out and see how people are and what they've been up to?

    I've been really boring to be honest, I've spent time with my family and my Xbox 360 (Which I only got about three weeks ago after waiting for about four years to get one for Xmas, which I never got.), replaying Bully and rediscovering why I fell in love with the game in the first place. But man, it's hard learning all the xbox buttons, whenever I'm in Chemistry or Shop and it says to press 'X' I always press the wrong button thinking I'm still on my PS2.

    So this is a long ramble but I wanted to check in with everyone cause I haven't really interacted w…

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  • CeeCee-xo

    Just a few questions :)

    January 24, 2012 by CeeCee-xo

    I was just wondering what gets you guys motivated to write? I've been struggling a bit these past few days with writer's block and am struggling to get back into the writing groove. Is there any type of music you have to listen to or anything you have to watch? Or is it just a case of sitting infront of the screen and telling yourself that you're going to write and typing whatever comes to mind and then looking through it later?

    The other question I have, is it fine to just set up a page for my OC or do I need to ask someone first? I don't want to tread on anyones toes :)

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  • CeeCee-xo

    Hello :)

    January 19, 2012 by CeeCee-xo

    So, hey :)

    I made a promise to myself that after I'd wrote six chapters of my story I'd finally introduce myself here. As I've just finished chapter six (By that I mean I saved the document two minutes ago!) I thought it was about time I said hello.

    To be honest I've been lurking ever since fanfiction was being posted on the main Bully wikia but never had any guts to make a user page or anything because of how socially awkward I am online!

    I am slightly worried about how my OCs will be seen, I have worked on them not to be Mary-Sue's but, apart from Bully, I've never really spent much time in fanon so feel free to give constructive criticism if I ever work up the nerve to post anything.

    So um, yeah. In short: Hello, my name is Christina, I pref…

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