So, hey :)

I made a promise to myself that after I'd wrote six chapters of my story I'd finally introduce myself here. As I've just finished chapter six (By that I mean I saved the document two minutes ago!) I thought it was about time I said hello.

To be honest I've been lurking ever since fanfiction was being posted on the main Bully wikia but never had any guts to make a user page or anything because of how socially awkward I am online!

I am slightly worried about how my OCs will be seen, I have worked on them not to be Mary-Sue's but, apart from Bully, I've never really spent much time in fanon so feel free to give constructive criticism if I ever work up the nerve to post anything.

So um, yeah. In short: Hello, my name is Christina, I prefer being called Stina or Cee Cee and I'm a long-term lurker :)

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