This is mainly a post just to ask how everyone is, as lame as that sounds. It seems to be quiet here in the week so I thought I'd reach out and see how people are and what they've been up to?

I've been really boring to be honest, I've spent time with my family and my Xbox 360 (Which I only got about three weeks ago after waiting for about four years to get one for Xmas, which I never got.), replaying Bully and rediscovering why I fell in love with the game in the first place. But man, it's hard learning all the xbox buttons, whenever I'm in Chemistry or Shop and it says to press 'X' I always press the wrong button thinking I'm still on my PS2.

So this is a long ramble but I wanted to check in with everyone cause I haven't really interacted with anyone for a while and I do like you guys :) (Man, that sounds so cheesy!)

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