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    March 25, 2011 by Coloured Flames

    Intelligent title i've got there.

    Sorry for not being on lately. I've been obsessing over Pokemon, Gorillaz and having icon conversations with Jenny on Deviantart :P

    And i've lost interest in Bully D: Don't count on my fanfic to get finished....

    Sorry, if you actually liked it

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    Linksiralot, I edited your idea a bit, but it still keeps Greg in character, right??? Right, guys???
    Anyway, thanks again for the idea XD

    All of a sudden I didn't feel tired anymore, even though it had gotten a bit dark. Does meeting actual nice people take away fatigue by any chance? I doubted it. I looked down at my watch to check up on the time.
    Damn! It was broken!
    Giving an irritated huff, I took off the broken piece of equipment and pocketed it.
    Stupid Ricky. I bet it happened when he was attacking me. Oh well, no point getting angry about the past-- I had to prepare for the future instead and just get a new one.
    But where would a watch shop find it's place in a crazy town like this?
    Whisking off down the stairs, I headed towards the Boy's …

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    Flamey's Art

    February 23, 2011 by Coloured Flames

    Everyone's posting their art now, so I may as well.
    (All of this was drawn by me. No bases were used in any way)

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    This is supposed to be stupid lol.

    It was during the riot at Bullworth.
    Everyone was fighting.
    You get the picture.

    Meanwhile, in Australia...
    A totally different thing was happening with a kid called Brooklyn. He was named after that place in New York, also called Brooklyn. Ain't that just dandy.
    Brooklyn was having a jolly good day. He had had an awesome dream about his daddy being kind, and had woken up to his future pet, Dingo the dingo... dog... thing, licking his nose. Believe it or not, Dingo had somehow brought his master breakfast.
    "No way." Said Brooklyn, as he nommed into his food. Dingo simply shrugged and went off into the other room to play some Team Fortress 2 with his imaginary girlfriend.
    Suddenly Brooklyn overheard the birds outsi…

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    Okay, so last night after going to bed so late, I had yet another weird dream:

    I was walking my dog down the street and I saw Jenny Wolf and Greg Ryder arguing over some very cartoonish sandwich, and then they threw it at me and it went directly down my throat and I think I died, I can't remember.

    I no longer trust anyone with a sandwich.

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