"To most people, I'm just that insane kid of Caskez High. So what? It's not like I'm denying it.
Here's the question; why does everyone think it's so bad to hurt people? Police can hurt bad people! Dogs and cats can hurt bad people! Why can't I?
I suppose it's because in the normal fights kids get into, the attacker chooses to leave their victim alone. What's the point of that? It's as if a lion wasted all of its energy into hunting a deer, and then decided it didn't want to feed its starving family anymore.
That's not how I roll.

Not me.

I give them what they deserve. People think that it's wrong. But they're the ones that're wrong. They've never felt the satisfaction of seeing their enemies blood mix with concrete or grass. When mixed with grass it makes such a... such a pretty colour. Like a swirl of red and green. Very beautiful. No one seems to see that.
And what's the point of forgiving someone if they're just gonna attack you again?
That's not how I roll.

My school clique knows I'm the boss around here. I run things. You bow down to ME when you're on my turf, get it? No one defies the rule-- not the toughest adult, not the weakest kid, NO ONE!

Oh, and if you ever try running from me, here's a tip for you:
Keep your eyes open, loser. Keep looking behind you. Don't stop walking till it's safe. Keep listening for footsteps. Because one day, I'm going to find you. Then you can feel what it's like to have your blood stain the ground with such a beautiful crimson colour.
Because that's how I roll."

Guess who that was about ;)

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