How did I become the person I was now? It was all a big question, that's how life is. Heck, eleven years ago I was just another four year old kid, living with my dad in our nice house. It didn't matter how much money my family had. I was like any other kid then, relaxing on the couch watching Blue's Clues with my favorite toys gathered on the ground below. Dad didn't spoil me, he was dead-set on getting me gifts on holidays only. Heck, when I was little I hardly knew I was like the next Richie Rich. I just thought I was any other kid.

Yeah I lived like any normal kid. Of course Dad made sure I had some good hobbies to fall back on. Like singing. Dad made sure I practiced every day. And Dad also taught me how to act and play the piano and drums. Of course, until I was eleven years old, before Kian arrived, I spent a lot of time alone at home. Unless you count when my cousins moved in. I played with my younger cousins Paulina and Edmund every day at the house. And of course I played with Randy too when he was born.

I never acknowledge just how rich my family is because I'm afraid than that if I do everyone will automatically assume I am blue-blooded. When in reality I am just trying to be any normal kid living my life. I shoot hoops at school and talk about movies and music with my friends. It's all just the way it is and there's nothing more.

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