Okay guys I am giving you a good opportunity here. Here is where I am going to let Beckett take over. Ask him a question about anything or just leave a comment about anything (be it related to The Power or not) and our little hotshot will definitely reply. In the meanwhile I am going to let Beckett show you guys some pictures. I am going to step aside and let Beckett speak now so don't ask me if anything besides this foreword is written by me, because its not. Most importantly, hav

Me, 15 year old Beckett Howell. I'm pretty good lookin huh?

e fun!

Beck and cousins

My first cousins and I from l to r: Colin, Me, Charlie and Henry

Beck and 6th cousins

From left to right: Me, Walsh, Joshua, Hilbert and Skye


Me and my guitar. You like?

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