I wasn’t exactly convinced about all of this. I didn’t know hardly anyone at this school. But the uniform looked good enough. I left my shirt untucked; it was what Dad and Rudy were doing. Lily was going to TK’s aunt’s preschool. Dad showed us around and said we were free to do what we wanted. “Kind of cool school, but I’ve done better.” a kid with dark brown hair said to us. He was slightly taller than me but I could tell he was only about a year older than me, maybe not even a whole year. He had that cool “I know everything about this place and you can count me” air about him so I started to talk to him. His name was Dylan Murdock. His 13 year old brother Devon came and both he and Rudy left do something, leaving Dylan and I able to do what we wanted. Then I noticed his watch. It was the coolest watch I’d ever seen but something wasn’t right about it appearing here.

Almost as if he knew I was looking at it, he shoved his hands in his pockets. “Well c’mon.” he said, leading me outside. He showed me his bike and we found one I could use. I rode bikes with him but we were far from school and somewhere in New Coventry when school started. Next thing we know a cop is making a beeline for us. He led me to a roof and we finally were on the roof of the bike park. Then we saw a moving train. We jumped right on it and he aimed his watch at the cops, his whole left arm outstretched towards the patrol car. He twisted something and the whole cop car spun around so it no longer faced us.

“Whoa what is that thing?!” I cried, looking at the watch. “It’s my watch, the Mach Richter Z10.” he said. I stared. “My dad invented it. It was his greatest invention ever but it never got widespread for a reason. He made it solely to protect me. This is the only one in existence.” He explained. He let me look at it and on it I saw its’ make date and my jaw dropped open. “You’re from the future too…the same future I’m from.” I said. He nodded. “My dad knew what you were up to and he told my brothers and me to go.” He replied.

“We’d better get to the school before the cops see us again.” He said. We hid in the auto shop the rest of the day, helping fix cars and bikes. But I wondered about that watch. There was something familiar but I couldn’t tell what it was.

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