David felt the pain go through my body.He had just been kicked in the nuts. By three kids in white shirts, they were poor fighters but they still outnumbered him. They started kicking him on the ground. It was the first day of school for him and he was already getting beat up.

    To be continued........

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    David stepped out of the vehicle and looked around. The New England landscape amazed him. Never in his life has he left the warmth of California. It also insulted him, he wanted to go with his dad to the oil company that he owned.

    "This is crap." He said to himself. He then turned around to see if his dad was still there. In his haste his dad had already gone.

    Just then David was approached by a woman, she was skinny, had 1950's style hair and was just plain creppy.

    "You must be David, welcome to Bullworth mister Fieldson." Said the lady. "My name is ms. Danvers," the lady added in a creppy calm voice.

    Well this is my life. Thought David. When is dad coming back, maybe someday I'll be the owner of his oil company.

    David started walking to the o…

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