Hey guys, first of all, have any of you been unable to see your blog posts through "User:Blog"? Because for some reason, all my blog posts are missing. I can only view them through Category:Blog posts.

The next thing I wanted to mention is that I'm gonna be inactive for a week or two. I'm leaving to university tomorrow, and I have a LOT of work ahead of me.

P.S. Memai, here I come! =P

EDIT: So, during the past week, I finished up registration, and I also took a tour in two days during my free time. One was around Kuala Lumpur before going to Kuala Selangor and visiting the "Monkey Island" as well as the river with the fireflies. Next day, I went to the butterfly park, bird park, and orchid garden. I have to say...two of the best days in my whole life....really a change in pace.

Tomorrow, I should be moving into my new apartment...but tidying it up, and getting the internet may take a few days.

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