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    I really didn't want to get in a fight. Especially not over something so stupid. But they guys we're counting on me to teach this moron a lesson. He was pretty big, muscle wise. I'm slightly taller than him but not as strong. I don't think he has a great fighting style being a football player and all, then again being the lead singer of a power metal band doesn't give you a good fighting style either. I figured I'd give it a try and see what happened. We couldn't lose the athletic shed and these guys would bother us to no end if we walked away or if I lost. I was gonna have to win this fight.

    A few Jocks cleared the tables and made an area for us to fight. Ted took off his Letterman jacket and handed it to one of the cheerleaders. He rolled…

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  • Kingofawosmeness777

    It was getting close to the party that the Jocks invited us to come to. Preston and Daniel still didn't know what to think of it but the rest of us were pretty excited. After school we set up our equipment so we could rehearse the songs we were gonna play. "I say we just play two and if they want more we can play a Dragonforce song." Suggested Patrick. "We only have three original songs as it is, and one of them isn't really even finished." I said. "Look, let's just play Universal Truth and The Warrior Inside and then we can play Eagleheart by Stratovarius because we rule at that one followed by either Through the Fire and the Flames and Heroes of Our Time." Collin said. We all looked around and nodded at the suggestion. We got into positi…

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    A few days had gone by and we were all settling into this school. I use the term school very loosely. In the three days that we have been here, I have witnessed some interesting things. First off, they have five noticeable cliques here. That's nothing new, we had cliques back at Westbrook, but these guys are different. There's these idiot kids who wear collared shirts and run around causing trouble for no reason. Of course we've met the Jocks, can't avoid those morons considering we live in the athletic shed. You got the throwback greaseballs, these are guys with problems, I bet it would be news them to find out that Ponyboy Curtis and Dally Winston weren't real people. There's the Nerds, what can I say? They're Nerds. Then you got the Pre…

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  • Kingofawosmeness777

    The Universal Truth

    Lyrics written by: Henry Rizzo

    Although you have come to believe,

    In things have been told.

    You seek the truth,

    And so it will be told.

    Go fourth towards the guiding ligtht,

    Freedom is in your sight,

    Do not stay behind in sin and despair,

    Be free and be saved,

    For the truth is always there!

    The universal truth will reveal itself to you,

    The universal truth will always help you through,

    We find the meaning to life,

    For peace and trust we shall strive,

    Look around and you will see,

    The universal truth is there for you and me!

    On your journey for the light,

    Stand strong always fight,

    Those who try to stop you,

    From making it all the way through.

    The light shines down from the heavens above,

    On all who find the way,

    Remember who you are and what …

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  • Kingofawosmeness777

    "Hey, be careful with that drumset. It's valuable you know." Patrick said to the mover as he loaded his elaborate drumset onto the moving van. We were finally going to move to Bullworth, for the schoolyear at least. You see, recently the New England Student Music Association sponsored for student bands to attend different schools. Me and my friends who are in a band together are switching from the Westbrook School of Performing Arts, outside of Boston, to Bullworth Academy. We weren't exactly thrilled about it, but it didn't sound too bad. We all got into Collin's van and led the moving van towards Bullworth.

    By the way, our band is called Powerblade. We're a power metal band. At the old school we had all kinds of bands. Most of them were e…

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