If you have any questions you want to ask Malcolm, feel free to ask in the commets section and he will awnser them.

Why did I burn The Outsiders books?

It was retaliation agianst the Greasers for them stealing my golf club and breaking them.

Have you ever wished to fly?

Not really, but it would be cool to be able to fly.

Whats the worst thing about being a Prep?

Unkile Derby who finds no disadvantages to being a Prep, I know there are a few. Your parents never spend any time with you, people try to steal from you, everyone assumes your a stuck up jerk and there is no family time. The worst part is probably just being expected to be what your parents are and teach your kids the same.

Why do you have a shitload of guns?

Protection mostly, if a Greaser pulls out a switchblade I pull out a gun. If someone tries to break in to my house I pull out a gun. If someone tries to mug me I pull out a gun. If there is gang violence in the area and I have to fight my way out I pull out a gun. Simple.

Where were you at 6:30 sharp last saturday in 2004?

I don't know.

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