Well it looks like I'm done writing the Malcolm Evans stories. I'm still gonna write the ocasional chapter so I'm not retiring the character, but as for the story of Malcolm's Junior year at Bullworth, here's how it ends. Malcolm gets injured in a boxing match and has to quit for a while and recover. During that time he and Lindsey begin to talk again and they decide to get back together. The year concludes with Malcolm and Lindsey planning onspending summer together in Canada and coming back to Bullworth to finish their Senior year. He and the Preps begin to hang out like normal again and Bullworth rseumes its traditional hierarchy. Malcolm thinks hard about what he has learned and experianced this year and thinks about what he will do next year. Malcolm's story is over but I'm still gonna write the ocasional chapter in his Senior year so I'm not retiring the character. If you have any questions the quickest way for me to reply is to leave me a message.

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