This is where the people who live in Old Bullworth Vale have their houses. Kind of like Scarly's Dorm Room thing.

Old Bullworth Vale

Old Bullworth Vale

1. Bif Taylor

2. Bryce Montrose

3. Dr. Bambillo

4. Tad Spencer

5. Derby Harrington

6. Mr. Hatrick

7. Mr. Huntington

8. Gord Vendome

9. Parker Ogilvie

10. Malcolm Evans

11. Mr. Sullivan

12. Lindsey Knisley

13. Mr. Smith

14. Chad Morris

15. Mr. Ramirez

16. Mr. Martin

17. Bethaney Jones

18. Miss. Kopke

19. Fenwick

20. Justin Vandervelde

21. Pinky Gauthier

22. Russell Northrop

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