Since my first fight in Lagos, Nigeria I've had 7 defending my title fights. There was one close call but for the most part I won them all with ease.

1. Edward Thomas- Lagos, Nigeria. Win KO Round 3.

2. Kaden Richardson- Chicago, Ilinois. Win KO Round 5.

3. Enrique Castro- Mexico City, Mexico. Win KO Round 2.

4. Javon Wallace- Los Angelas, California. Win KO Round 4.

5. Hanzo Tanaka- Kyoto, Japan. Win KO Round 1.

6. Muhammad Fasil- Terhan, Iran. Win TKO Round 7.

7. Terrance Golden- Toronto, Canada. Win Split Decision Round 12.

8. Shekit Abdulah- Deli, India. Win KO Round 5.

I was internatinoally known. Did my schoolwork on the plane. From all 8 of my fights so far I've made almost 4 million dollars. I was already rich but it was nice to get more money from the bouts. I had my crew, Parker, Bif, Derby and the other Preps. And I bought things my father didn't even have before this. A private jet from Gulf Stream, and an island in the United Arab Emarites. It was quite the extravanget lifestyle. It was a busy one as well. I'd always be training or signing autographs or doing schoolwork. I had a lot of deals with the Ring Magazine, car companies, watch companies, ect. I was doing commercials and appering at press confrances. I was one of the youngest profesinal Boxers out there. The reason they let me join the major Heavyweight Division and move up from Ametur Youth is because I beat Terrance Golden who was a profesinal Heavyweight and have since been fighting people older than me. Whenever I'd come back to Bullworth I'd make my rounds and say hello to everyone. I bought up some prorerty in New Coventry and had the old boarding houses torn down and put in another Aquaberry Outlet, restruant, and electronics store. I had the homless people moved away and hired a few security guards to keep the greaseballs in check with their vandalism. I had plans for New Conventry and Blue Skies. I was going to try to improver them, but of course my plans have had a lot of opposition by the residents and some city councilmen. My next fight would be agianst the "Norweigan Giant" Nord Vanderhalven in Olso in a few weeks. No sweat. No one had heart like me, Malcolm Evans, youngest Heavyweight. I'm not the heavyweight champion yet but I'm still the champ. It was a great time.

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