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    The sockpuppeteer chronicles

    February 24, 2011 by McJeff

    Because there have been two fairly big incidents of sockpuppetry in the last couple weeks and we've got people wondering WTF is the deal, I'm going to tell all y'all kids the stories of the Bully Wiki sockpuppeteers.

    At0micb0mb is actually sort of unusual. He never really engaged in malicious editing with Bullyrocks!, and I haven't a clue as to why he would make two troll accounts (Hal and G4me4aster) and then use them to troll himself. Unlike some others he probably would've never gotten caught if Charitwo hadn't run the checkuser, although once he was caught it was fairly obvious that it was him. In other words the signs were there but we had no reason to look for them.

    KOA is your standard-issue sockpuppeteer. Used a second account to…

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  • McJeff

    Now, I know some of you have followed bits and pieces of this drama, and some of you know the whole story, and some of you don't, so I'm going to tell you all the story of where the haterz are coming from.

    Back in November 2010, I blocked a guy named Goodfellas90 on Bully Wiki. He logged out and vandalized my userpage under his supposedly anonymous IP. But, because he'd edited repeatedly while forgetting to log in, I caught him immediately.

    Goodfellas, editing under the username Seth Tomasino, went over to MafiaWiki and bawwwwwed to the bureaucrat there, a fellow by the name of The Tom. Tom, being new to wikis and inexperienced with sockpuppeteers, thought my evidence was insufficient and sort of told me to unblock him. Obviously, I didn…

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