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    A Bright Star, part 1

    June 30, 2017 by Memai

    Author's Notes: Putting my money where my mouth is, here's a fic of none other than Roxy Smith! Hope you guys enjoy. And as always, crit and comments are welcome :)

    Today was officially the day Roxanne Smith’s teenage life ended.

    Before her, stood the cheerleaders, and in the middle of their prettied, primped selves, stood Mandy Wiles, the Queen Bitch to end all of Queen Bitches.

    The girls laughed and giggled, but not at Roxy’s poor, beet red face (they will soon, though, when they realize she had been staring at them in abject horror for the past half hour). They laughed at the way Mandy read out Miss Smith’s diary. An over exaggerated British accent, a barely contained giggle, “And how I do love the way Larry looks when he’s working! It’s so…

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    So you want to write a character? Good, I love making characters, and I love making sure they're good characters to boot. This a new and improved, quick-start writing guide to creating cohesive, interesting and well-balanced characters. The important part of any story (whether it's RP or fanfic) is of course, the characters. In any video game, movie or novel, what drives the story is the cast of characters. What makes people want to see the story till the end are the trials and tribulations that the characters face in order to reach their goal.

    Throughout this guide, we'll go through my personal process of how I personally create a character. There will be examples and writing guides and outside sources that I'll link to, as well! I've been …

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    Fight (Ficlet)

    August 10, 2012 by Memai

    Somoene had challenged me to write something steamy AND include a fight scene. So I tried. These aren't Bully characters, but since everyone's posting their own original stories, I figured I would too.

    Another boring day, Emil thought. He leaned against the wall, staring at the faceless students of Gentlemen's 9th that passed him by.

    The drugs and the gray walls have done a remarkable job in reducing the children into mindless drones. They looked just as gray as the walls, as the sky. There was no color in this damned institution, no life at all. Only a few students, stood out.

    With his wild, shaved hair and rebellious streak, Emil stood out the most.

    He would crack wicked grins at the girls who looked at him, some looked away immediately when…

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    July 20, 2012 by Memai

    am i doin it rite?

    So since we've all been getting random blog posts about video games as of late; here's my questions to the wiki: What are your all time favorite video games and why? Any new ones you've enjoyed playing recently?

    For yours truly, my all-time favorite game is a little vintage in nature, but it's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I know, I know. But back when I only had a wee little PSX to chillax during the weekends, it was the pinnacle, oh my gosh. The controls, the graphics (well, at the time), the voices, the gameplay. I got an emulator and a PC-friendly controller, so now I can pop it in whenever I feel a little nostalgic (and for whenever I need a good challenge).

    Some newer games I've enjoyed are Fallout 3 and New Vegas (…

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    It was 7am in the morning. I woke up not really feeling ready for the day. I threw my KISS bedsheets over and put on my clothes—my regular school uniform, but with ripped jeans and a leather trenchcoat. I need to look intimidating for the other students. I put on my boots and strapped my handgun somewhere discreet. Never know when someone needs a 10mm between the eyes.

    I put my iPod on and listened to “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”, nothing like the sound of agony to start my day. I walked out of the Boys Dorm and I saw Seth picking on Pedro my roommate.

    “MAGGOT YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!” Seth was yelling like he was crazy. “No sir I didn’t mean it!” Pedro was crying, I hate it when he cries, reminds me too much of a girl but without the boobs a…

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